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REVIEW: Charlotte And Absolution Pay Tribute

In the second match of the night, we saw Charlotte Flair take on newest rival, Ruby Riott, and Ms. Money In The Bank, Carmella. This match was fun and played as a preview to Clash of Champions with the Riott Squad in Ruby’s corner, Tamina Snuka and Lana in Carmella’s corner, and Naomi coming out with Charlotte. In the end, Charlotte won after making Carmella tap out to the Figure 8!

In the beginning, there was a lot of double teaming. I was kinda confused on why Carmella and Ruby were aligning together but this was just a bonus match so I didn’t think much about it in the end. Charlotte really tried to end it early, but Natalya stuck her nose where it did belong and took Charlotte off pace.

I’d like to think every girl had their stand-out spots. I was worried that we were going to get another dreaded Tower of Doom moment, but to my pleasant surprise, Carmella had another idea up her non-existent sleeves. She pried Ruby off the middle rope and made her splash onto the canvas. Then, taking advantage of a vulnerable Charlotte, she hit her adapted handstand headscissor. The heels thought they could target Charlotte with a double suplex but the strength of Flair out-battled them both, as she flipped them over. It was awesome, to me and to the troops in attendance who chanted so! Charlotte gifted the two to endless chops until she nailed a neckbreaker and boot combo that she finished off with a suplex on Ruby. Charlotte ran to the corner where the others were stunned but Ruby managed to escape and Carmella drilled Flair with a forearm/elbow. Ruby hit her pele kick and Carmella quickly grabbed Ruby and tossed her out, I really thought it was over (even though I read the spoilers, I tried to convince myself otherwise). However, the Ironwoman of SmackDown LIVE kicked out. Carmella, in disbelief, tried to pin again…but you already know what happened. Ruby attempted to get into the ring but met Carmella’s Jordans. Not once, but twice. Carmella turned around to meet her doom as she took a mouthful of Charlotte’s boot and got her leg wrenched in the Figure 8.

Charlotte’s speech after the match was adorable and I loved how she shouted out all the women in the armed forces. That’s true woman empowerment. Also, can we mention how stunning Carmella looked? Damn.

Later in the night, Absolution got to square off with the three women they’ve been tormenting since they arrived, Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Bayley. Paige led her alliance to victory in the end by cracking Mickie’s skull off the turnbuckle and hitting a devilish RamPAIGE.

To my excitement, Mandy Rose got to start off the match. The crowd chanted “Bayley” in the start, but in my bias mind, I thought they were chanting “Mandy”. But that’s besides the point. After a period of headlocks, Mandy thumped Bayley’s head back and shouted in her face, “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE”. Side note: I love Mandy’s heel mannerisms. Sonya Deville and Mickie got tagged in. Mickie gained a bit of momentum but Sonya slid out to ringside. The two exchanged strikes back and forth until all members of both teams were getting in each other’s faces.

Once back from commercial, Bayley and Mandy got tagged in. Bayley got ahead and decapitated Mandy with her rope-hung stunner. However, Rose was able to push Bayley into Sonya’s leg (after Bayley took her attention to Paige) and nail her with a beautiful knee. Sonya got in but Bayley managed to fight her and Mandy off, which resulted in both Paige and Sasha getting tagged in. Sasha hit a comeback and nailed Paige with about every move in her arsenal. Mandy and Sonya got in the ring but Sasha and Bayley fought them off with baseball sliding kicks. Mickie got tagged and battled it out with Paige. She saluted to the troops and flew onto Paige with a senton. She then dashed to the other turnbuckle and crossbodied everybody else at ringside, which would ultimately play to her downfall. The former champion went back in and got her head slammed into the turnbuckle. After seeing her life flash before her eyes, she fell into Paige’s arms and ate the canvas off a RamPAIGE.

I can’t say this enough, Mandy is a star. She’s proven it time and time again, it’s only a matter of time until everyone [who hasn’t]realizes it.

The whole night was fun. The crowd was so alive and it makes my heart warm when the troops get involved in the action. The matches weren’t incredibly long but they got good time for what the show was (and nobody was cut from TV like previous years). Besides the action, I loved my girl Bebe’s performance alongside MGK and X Ambassadors, but that’s a tangent I won’t go on. Anyways, let me know what you thought in the comments or tweet us!