REVIEW: Carmella Cashes In…Almost

Rapid Recap:

  • The Riott Squad attacks Charlotte Flair
  • Carmella attempts to cash in her Money in the Bank contract

The Rundown:

The SmackDown LIVE Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, came to address the Royal Rumble and everything that came with it. While at ringside, she claimed for the first time in her entire career, she didn’t want to be champion. She wanted to be in that ring and face off against all of those legends and seeing if she could have been number 3 and outlasted everyone else, much like Ric. She reflected on standing in the ring with fellow champion, Alexa Bliss, the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble winner, Asuka, and Ronda Rousey. As far as Charlotte is concerned, she will be walking into WrestleMania with the SmackDown LIVE Women’s Championship. The only question is, who’s standing across the ring from her?

The Riott Squad’s theme hit and the trio came to the stage. Ruby Riott gets the mic and tells Charlotte that her ego is as big as her fathers. She mocks Charlotte and her mentality and says she has met people like her at every stage of her life. Calling her “impossibly talented, but impossibly arrogant, impossibly entitled, and impossible unoriginal”… ouch. Ruby states that everything about her is original, meanwhile Charlotte is a cheap imitation of Ric. Riott says that if it’s up to her, Flair won’t even make it to WrestleMania. The trio ganged up on Charlotte and beat her down after she wooed in her their face. Charlotte fought back for the time being, but the numbers always prevail.

As the champion was laid out cold, Carmella ran out with her Money in the Bank contract! She handed the referee her briefcase and was ready to take that title home! She tried to dropkick Charlotte, but Flair dodged it and Carmella sent the referee out of the ring! Eventually Charlotte got back to her feet and Carmella ran out of the ring and left with her briefcase.

After a failed cash-in, or a planned mind game, Carmella told Renee Young that everything that happened was supposed to. She said that she needed to remind Charlotte that she has the contract and that makes her to most dangerous woman on the entire roster. Plus, she broke a nail. She can’t cash in with a broken nail! C’mon Renee!

Smack Talk:

I haven’t been the biggest fan of The Riott Squad—or a fan at all—but I have to give credit where credit is due. The attack and all that was a mess. But, the redeeming quality of it was Ruby’s promo beforehand. I really enjoyed it and she was spitting facts. Of course it was used to insult Charlotte, but I was into it.

I, of course, loved Carmella running out and almost cashing in. It’s the first time (I believe) that she handed her contract to the ref and actually was ready to win. We saw her trick the women before, right after she won, but never to this extent. I’m glad it wasn’t a real cash-in because I see Charlotte going into WrestleMania with the belt, so I’m going to need Carmella to wait if she wants that belt.

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