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REVIEW: Bound For Glory….Bound For….Something?

First at Bound for Glory we have an interview with Robert Irvine and are interrupted by Maria and Mike Bennett. Maria tells us this is her night and that she is the greatest knockout champion of all time. Robert Irvine says it will be a bad night for both of them. Let’s hope it’s not a bad night for TNA.

But before we get to that, Gail Kim is getting inducted to the Hall of Fame. We are met with Christy Hemme as the special announcer!
She tells us Gail Kim fought so hard to create this division and fights every day for every woman who steps foot into that locker room and ring.
With a near tear in her eye she thanks Gail from the bottom of her heart for her relentless work to give back to the division.

And Christy tells us there is another woman who had to be there TARRRRYN TERREL. oh. joy.

Taryn Terrell says Gail is a career maker, and she has a career to be proud of because of Gail and then tells us how happy she is to be able to work with someone at the caliber of Gail Kim. Gail is not only a peer and mentor, but a friend.

And then Christy calls out Awesome Kong. Kong says there are not enough adjectives in the english language to describe Gail Kim and she is the ying to her yang. She says she is respected by all and she deserves this and more.

And now, Dixie Carter! Carrying a watch…. Dixie tells us this is the biggest night in TNA (hm.). She says she is happy to honor the woman who defines the knockouts division, being the first champion and a 5x champion. And she is selfless… selfless selfless selfless.

She introduces Gail Kim who comes out and side hugs her husband, who like true dad goals, takes a picture on his phone.

Dixie says she speaks for everyone when she says we all love Gail, and that Gail helped build the knockouts to be the best division of all time. The crowd chants you deserve it. And then we are taken to a video with comments from Billy Corgan, Madison Rayne, Christy Hemme, Josh Matthews, Pat Kenney, Jade, Dave Lagana and Al Snow. The video was actually decent. I’m impressed.

Dixie then presents Gail who takes the mic. Gail tells us that this is everything to her. She explains over the past 16 years she’s experienced a lot of highs and lows but she wouldn’t change anything, and she believes everything happens for a reason. Gail then goes to her notes, and says that everyone she has met has helped her get to this point. She says wrestling can be a tough business for a woman or for anyone and did expose a lot of insecurities but gave her life lessons and tools like creativity, self confidence, independence, strength, fearlessness, and most of all passion.

She has a lot of people to thank. Her trainers, agents, producers, seamstresses, and talent in the back, her family, and Robert Irvine (who gets the pop of the night). The women who came before here (Trish, Jazz, Molly, Victoria) and the knockouts locker room. She gives a special shoutout to Molly Holly, and says that it was Molly who gave her the opportunity and to be a good person. She also thanks the fans and thanks them for being able to be the next TNA Hall of Famer.

She then hugs all of the women who came out for her. and receives the watch…. It’s a rolex…. Gail kisses her husband before headed to the back.

Up next, is the Great war, which in case you were curious, is just a no DQ street fight. Reby Hardy plays the piano for the Hardy’s entrance and then leaves, and Rosemary comes out with Decay.

The women are scattered through the VERY long match, so some highlights:
A cool Rosemary spot was Rosemary jumping from the top with a dropkick to a trashcan in front of Matt Hardy.

Rosemary eventually gets involved in the backstage fight again and gets a pumpkin on her head from Jeff Hardy but eventually sprays Jeff Hardy with mist.

She then meets Matt and Abyss and hands Abyss a plank with nails (apparently it’s called Janice. Like Chandler Bing’s girlfriend with the annoying laugh, Janice). Rosemary then attacks some guy off on the side, I don’t know who he is, and I’m sorry. This is hard to follow. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m sorry everyone, I really am. Now they are driving or whatever.

Later in the match, Rosemary gets involved breaking a potential match ending pinfall (kind of late). While she’s on the apron. Reby runs down and power bombs her through a table on the floor.

The Hardy’s eventually win. The match is eventually over. And we at Squared Circle Sirens are ready to move on.

Christy is announcing again! She announces Gail Kim first, who has new ring attire! Next she announces Maria Kanellis Bennett who is with Allie! Maria says that she cannot compete because her doctor says she can’t compete. Allie then grabs the mic and says that her doctor did clear her to compete! Maria says she is not getting in that ring.

Gail meets her outside outside of the ring and is met with a smack by Maria. Gail chases Maria outside of the ring and Maria hides behind Allie before clotheslining Gail. She throws Gail in the ring and gets a quick two count before mounting Gail and slamming her head in the mat a few times. Another cover and a one count. Maria then slams Gail into a few of the turnbuckles before tossing her into one of the turnbuckle posts. She then steps on Gails neck and then as Gail rises, Maria puts on a wrestling clinic of forearms and hair pulls to get another two count, before applying a textbook sleeper. Gail fights out but is met with a clothesline from Gail. Maria puts Gail in the corner and charges but Gail moves Gail charges Maria in the corner and Maria moves before taking Gail down with a spine buster and a sloppy pinfall for a two.

The Miracle comes out next and Maria tries to attack Gail with her cast. Gail ducks and eventually tries to get up to the top rope, Kicking down Mike Bennett in the process. She jumps off the top, but Maria moves before clubbing Gail with the cast out of the refs view but only gets a two count. Maria throws the cast to Allie and tries to get it back after not getting a three count, but Allie overthrows it and Bail catches it before throwing it to the side and attacking Maria with flying clotheslines. Gail charges but Maria moves and Gail goes to the outside and grabbing Maria’s legs and applies the turnbuckle figure four!

Gail gets back into the ring after a ref break. She flicks off Maria before slapping her and nailing eat defeat and covers Maria for the three count!

The Miracle looks as though he could cry as Gail celebrates with the belt. The Miracle tries to console Maria who is still down on the mat. The Miracle grabs a mic and says that this is not how things were supposed to go down. The Miracle rants into a mic for a while and says he is shutting the show down. The lights go out and out come Cody and Brandi Rhodes. Cody meets the miracle in the ring. Maria steps in-between and tells Cody to get out, but Brandi steps in-between Cody and Maria. Maria slaps Brandi and they eventually, kind of, lock up, and Brandi takes down Maria with a knee, eventually. They clear the ring as the Rhodes taunt the crowd.

I’m going to be as serious as possible. Seriously.

Okay, the Hardy’s vs Decay was a bit over the top, but did have some cool spots. Rosemary’s dropkick from the top across the ring to Matt was great and the powerbomb to a table spot from Reby did bring things somewhat full circle. But the match was incredibly hard to follow. We had a group chat going and we were all happy when the match was over.

The induction was really well done. It was great to see Kong come and speak on Gail’s behalf and definitely made this very full circle. I could have done without Taryn, but that’s me. The video package was very well done, even if there were people commenting that I didn’t know why (Josh Matthews). And Gail’s speech was heartfelt. At the end of the day, like or hate Gail, or her TNA/WWE History, she is and was consistently the most put over knockout. There really isn’t a knockout who should be in there before Gail.

Onto the match. You know, I couldn’t really ask for much more. We all knew this was gonna be more of a show than a wrestling match. I liked that TNA had Allie still there. The match went roughly as good as I expected it to, minus a sloppy cover after a spine buster, and some weird forearms.

My problem with this comes to the future of TNA (what the actual financial future is, is a different story for a different day) but assuming they will continue, where in the hell does this leave Allie? She’s clearly over. It’s time for her to have stepped out away from Maria here and done something to finally be off on her own.

Where does this leave Gail? TNA is infamous for focusing on one knockout feud and pretending the championship doesn’t exist (Hello Jade and Sienna title reigns). Who is going to challenge Gail? Who is next? Who does, anything? Is there anything?

Onto Brandi Rhodes. Sigh. I hope she trains a hell of a lot more. Otherwise I’m afraid we’re looking at Jenna Morasca and Sharmell again. That knee was badly done there was such a delay. And Maria hasn’t had enough ring experience to carry her. Sigh. They are gonna throw Gail in this and she will drop the title to one of these two if the company keeps going.

Sigh. Bless my heart.

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