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REVIEW: Bosses Make Bank And Take Wins

Sasha Banks and Bayley finally ended Absolution’s trial of terror after Sasha got Mandy Rose to tap to the Bank Statement.

With Mickie James and Paige looking on, Mandy and Bayley started things off. Mandy taunts early on after knocking Bayley off her feet with a shoulder tackle. The Huggable One tries to retaliate, but Mandy catches her mid-air and tosses her into the turnbuckles. The two went back and forth in the corner with different combinations of forearms. Once they got out of the corner, Mandy execute a clean scoop slam in Bayley and began wrenching her head to the side. Mandy’s attitude and cockiness backfired as she blew a kiss to Sasha and was met with a lunging clothesline by Bayley! Before Bayley could tag Sasha in, Mandy dug her knee into Bayley’s stomach. However, Bayley nailed Rose with a backbreaker and drove her knee into her face, sending her outside the ring.

Back from commercial, Mandy and Sasha are in the ring. The two execute a beautiful sequence that ends with Sasha hitting a sitting Mandy with double knees. Mandy then drove her forearms against Sasha’s chest and pushed her down like she was nothing! Even screaming in her face to convince us of her dominance. The Boss didn’t take it too lightly slapped the taste out of Mandy’s mouth. Sasha quickly turned to hit Sonya Deville off the apron while Mandy was out, but Rose hit Banks with a devastating knee to her jaw. Sonya got tagged in the match and took control over Sasha with a multitude of strikes and kicks before locking her in a bodyscissors. Deville hit Sasha’s Guy was many right hands before tagging her partner in. Mandy choked Sasha against the rope and the two Absolution members hit Banks with a kick to her face and back. The two then ran at each other with clothesline’s and knocked each other of their feet. Sonya got to Mandy first and she prevented Sasha from tagging Bayley. While the referee was distracted with a distressed Bayley, Sonya bounced Sasha off the rope. Banks tucked Mandy into a roll-up, but Deville was there to break it up. Soon, Bayley ran into the ring and took out Sonya. Inside the ring, Sasha quickly reversed Mandy and locked her in the Bank Statement! Sasha Banks dove to Mickie James and Bayley to celebrate her win from that extremely competitive match up.

Next, we see Alicia Fox meeting who her Mixed Match Challenge partner was. Fox, filled with joy, ran up to Goldust and gave him a hug and said there’s nobody better. It was so adorable!

Nia Jax was seen watching Enzo Amore vs Cedric Alexander backstage. After the bout, she went to the trainers room to check on a bruised Enzo.

Asuka is seen backstage before RAW Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, appears and says she doesn’t want ‘this’. She states Asuka better get used to that one win over her and that Nia won’t like what Asuka said about her.

Dana Brooke led her team of Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil to victory after they defeated former RAW Tag Team Champions, The Bar.

Nia Jax was walking backstage as Alexa Bliss approached her. She began praising Nia and said she can do anything, but she thinks Enzo is holding her back. Nia said Enzo actually motivates her and that’s why she’s entering the 30 Women Royal Rumble Match. Alexa began dissing Asuka and saying Nia is her favorite to win, but Asuka is everyone else’s pick. Nia says Alexa is just trying to start something because she lost to Asuka last week. Alexa uses a scapegoat and says Asuka said something bad about Nia. Jax is intrigued at first, but debunks the drama and says Asuka can’t speak English!

Asuka comes out and it seems like she’s set to face some sort of enhancement talent. However, as she’s posing on the top rope, Nia Jax sneaks from behind and slams her with an electric chair! Jax then runs off the ropes and hits a flipping senton before leaving The Empress struggling to get to her feet!

RAW was actually quite good! Mandy and Sonya put on a fantastic performance. I mean, I’m not shocked, but I love seeing them getting more confident each week. I’ve also been loving Dana in this role. Each week she gets more entertaining and she just fits it perfectly. It’s great she led the boys to victory, but I’m going to need them to let her get some of her own on RAW.