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REVIEW: Bonesaw Qualifies For Gold

It’s one of my 2018 resolutions to do more reviews for the site and with the upcoming Women of Honor tournament taking place in Ring of Honor, I thought why not start reviewing Women of Honor every Wednesday? This week’s Women of Honor Wednesday saw ‘Bonesaw’ Jessie Brooks take on Gabby Ortiz in a qualifying match for the tournament which we learned kicks off on January 20th (when it will hit YouTube is another story).

Brooks made her debut back in 2010 and is a product of the ROH Academy having trained under Delirious and Daizee Haze. Gabby Ortiz, on the other hand, debuted in 2016 after training at Monster Factory in New Jersey and was a with a STARDOM tour of Japan after impressing at a Women of Honor tryout in 2017. Both women are looking to score their first wins in Women of Honor competition in this match and qualify to become one of the 16 women to be crowned the inaugural Women of Honor Champion.

After the bell rings the two tie up and Bonesaw quickly takes advantage with a knee to the guy, sending Gabby down to her knees and showing her veteran status over the much newer Ortiz. After ducking a clothesline attempt Gabby comes back with momentum and takes Brooks off her feet with a headscissors takedown, she follows up with a high impact dropkick in the corner that sends Jessie tumbling out of the ring! She continues her momentum and flies off the ring apron connecting with a crossbody on the floor much to the delight of the crowd!

The Monster Factory trainee heads up high once inside the ring and Bonesaw quickly follows. Once she reaches the top she leaps off but Jessie Brooks has a different idea and catches her in mid-air, showing her brute strength over the energetic rookie. Bonesaw sends Ortiz over her head with a powerslam like it was nothing. Brooks attacks Ortiz with a plethora of strikes and chops in the corner before slamming her into the mat with a snap suplex. She goes for a cover but Gabby kicks out at the count of two! Bonesaw isn’t one bit happy she wasn’t able to put her away and that doesn’t seem to bode well for Gabby as she goes to German Suplex her, but Gabby starts attacking her with elbows, fighting out of the attempt! She gets pushes off and comes back, locking in an Octopus Hold. That doesn’t last long though as Jessie uses her strength and tosses her off like she was a fly!

A kick to the head turns the momentum back in Brooks’ favor and she strays on her with more strikes but Gabby begins to fight back with some strikes of her own as she isn’t going down without a fight! Ortiz reverses an Irish whip and hits a pump kick, back kick, and hits a jumping DDT, planting her face first on the mat! She goes for the cover… 1, 2… no! A kick out! Gabby knows she has to finish this somehow, someway and begins to ascend to the top rope once again. However, she is cut off at the top when Jessie Brooks attacks from behind. She grabs Gabby and implants her with a devastating running powerbomb and somehow Gabby digs down deep and kicks out right before the count of three! Jessie sees red, and it’s not Gabby’s hair! She takes too much time arguing with the referee and once she turns around Gabby hits her with a crucifix, slamming her into the mat for a two count. Gabby gets back up to her feet and almost gets decapitated with a hard clothesline! Jessie signals for the end and grabs Gabby, gets her up and hits a Tiger Driver which scores her the victory!

A solid match from two women who we don’t get to see much of in Women of Honor. I don’t think Jessie will make it far in the tournament but she’s a solid hand in the ring. It’s easy to see why Gabby got a shot at STARDOM although she’s fairly new to wrestling she has the fundamentals down and while her strikes need a bit of work it’ll come in time. I’m so excited that ROH is FINALLY getting a title for the women and I’m glad they’re putting a focus on the women. I just hope that with the introduction of the title the women will be featured on ROH TV more and on the iPPVs. They’re talented and more than deserve to be shown to a wider audience than YouTube.

What did you think of the match? Who do you think will win the Women of Honor title tournament?

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    Yeah for Bonesaw.