REVIEW: Asuka Beats The Boss And History Is Made

Rapid Recap:

  • Asuka defeated Sasha Banks in an incredible bout via Asuka Lock
  • Stephanie McMahon announced the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match at the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV

The Rundown:

Stephanie McMahon kicked off RAW by recapping what transpired at the Royal Rumble. She credited women of the past and the women who made impacts that night. She then introduced the winner, Asuka, and asked her what champion she was going to face at WrestleMania. But before that, she announced that in 4 weeks, there will be the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber! I’m so excited! Asuka began talking in Japanese and said she will become champion because nobody is ready for Asuka. Sasha Banks‘ theme hit and ‘The Boss’ came out! She said it was such an honor to be in the Royal Rumble last night and she shared the ring with such amazing women, including Asuka. She proceeded to say that Asuka keeps saying nobody is ready, but she proved she can “go the distance” and that she’s ready for Asuka…tonight! The two got in each other’s face! Stephanie announced that they will face off tonight and she had to separate them before things got worse.

Moments before Sasha made her way to the ring, she was interviewed by Renee Young. With a very confident attitude, she tells Renee that she’s moments away from defeating Asuka and that she’s been waiting for this for a long time. Asuka has been undefeated for 2 and a half years, and she made history at Royal Rumble. But now, it’s her turn!

The two lock up and exchange control. Sasha rolls Asuka up, but Asuka kicks out and plows Sasha with a shoulder tackle and an arm drag, but Sasha reversed the arm drag and locked Asuka’s arm up. They got into the corner, and Sasha started choking Asuka in the ropes, but Asuka was able to get Sasha on the apron and drop her foot across the back of her head. She then ran to the ropes and hit the hip attack, sending ‘The Boss’ to ringside. Sasha got in at 8 but Asuka began screaming Japanese at Sasha and choked her over the rope. Once Banks got up, Asuka began slamming Sasha’s arm and bending it in an armbar. Sasha got out, but Asuka sent her right back into the corner. She went to kick at Sasha, but Banks caught her leg and drilled her with a knee to the face. She then ran and hit a double knees on a sitting Asuka!

We’re back from commercial and Asuka is drilling Sasha with kicks to her chest. Banks rolls into the corner and gets Asuka trapped in the middle rope. She hits ‘The Empress’ with double knees to her gut! Banks then snapped Asuka’s arms back and locked her in a submission while she drilled her knee into Asuka’s spine. Sasha threw Asuka back and started getting cocky. She pulled her up by her hair and hit a snap suplex. She then flipped Asuka into a sitting position and slapped the life out of her. She started pushing her face and Asuka started slamming Sasha with strikes! She threw Banks into the ropes, and Sasha rebounded with a hurricarana transitioned into a Bank Statement! Asuka rolled her up and then went for a backslide, but Banks slid into another Bank Statement! After Asuka got out, Sasha tossed Asuka out the ring and went for a suicide dive. HOLY SHIT. Asuka kicked Sasha mid air and sent her crashing into the LED board and the ground. Asuka tossed her into the ring like a ragdoll and the two back and forth with strikes, but Asuka slammed Sasha’s face onto her knee and drilled her with hard hitting shots, including a spinning back kick and sliding kick. Banks rolled back into the corner but Asuka tossed her to the center and hit a missile dropkick!

Moments after, Sasha ran at Asuka, but Asuka flipped her into an armbar! Banks was able to get the Royal Rumble winner on her shoulders, but she kicked out with ease. Sasha got onto the apron and Asuka went for the hip attack once more. OH MY GOD! Sasha dodged it and Asuka went tumbling backwards out of the ring! Banks than ran across the apron and hit her with a double knees! Asuka got back into the ring and Sasha went to the top rope and hit a wicked diving double knees to Asuka! Asuka battled back and went for the Asuka Lock, but Sasha slammed Asuka’s head into the turnbuckle. She then hit the backstabber and locked in the Bank Statement once again! She tried to reposition, but Asuka rolled through and locked Banks in the Asuka Lock! Sasha tapped out! And still undefeated…ASUKA!

Later on, they recapped Ronda Rousey‘s arrival. No new information was shared except the breaking story on announcing her full time contract to the company.

RAW Talk:

THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! These two women put on an absolute classic. I wouldn’t even be mad if we got a rematch at WrestleMania. The spots were insane and it was very hard hitting. For a moment I really considered that Asuka’s streak was going to end when Sasha had the third Bank Statement in. They really put on a performance that will leave an impression for a while.

I am so excited for the Women’s Elimination Chamber! The women have been raising the bar and making sure they can be as good (or even better) than men. Less than 2 days from the Royal Rumble and another historic match is announced? 2018 is officially the year of women’s wrestling.

What did you think of RAW?