REVIEW: Asuka And Sonya Remain One Kick Ahead


Rapid Recap:

  • Dana Brooke leads Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil to victory
  • Divas set to return to RAW
  • Nia Jax unable to continue her match with Asuka after a spill on the steel steps
  • Sonya Deville makes quick work of Sasha Banks with a nasty kick

The Rundown:

Dana Brooke proves her importance to Titus Worldwide once again by accompanying Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil, assisting them in a win over The Bar! The businesswoman stayed relatively uninvolved in the action, but she reacted heavily and kept her clipboard handy. This role is amazing for Dana, it allows her to showcase a lot of her personality.

In preparation for RAW25, WWE broadcasted numerous promo packages for former stars and legends that will be making their returns for the night. We were graciously blessed with a line up of former Divas and Women’s Wrestlers, including Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Jacqueline, Terri Runnels, Torrie Wilson, Maria Kanellis, Michelle McCool, and Kelly Kelly! Holy hell! What a selection of girls, I’m so excited!

Nia Jax was determined to teach Asuka a lesson and demolish the streak once and for all. It didn’t take long for Nia to charge at Asuka. However, ‘The Empress’ ducked the incoming attack and tried to capitalize with a kick and grapple. Her strength didn’t compete and Nia tossed her off like she weighed nothing. Asuka tried to go for Nia’s arm but Jax brushed her off. Asuka then nailed Nia with a few forearms, but Jax pushes her into the ropes, only for Asuka to lock in an octopus stretch. Once she escaped, Nia slammed Asuka’s back into her knee and tossed her across the ring by the roots of her hair. The undefeated superstar tried to hit Jax with a combination of strikes, but the powerhouse whipped Asuka into the ropes and laid her out. ‘The Force Of Greatness’ went to pick Asuka up, but was pulled into her signature armbar. However, the power of Nia was being showcased as she lifted Asuka up with one arm and slammed her into the turnbuckles!

Back from commercial, we see Nia strangling Asuka’s body with a vicious bear hug. Asuka eventually escaped and reversed an attack by Nia, then hitting her with a sliding kick. Asuka kept Nia at bay with a few backfists and a roundhouse kick, but Jax picked her up and signaled for a samoan drop! The speed of Asuka played importance as she was able to slip out and roll up Nia up in mere seconds! She tried to keep Nia down with kicks to her chest, but Nia caught her leg and plunged her into the canvas with a brutal powerbomb! She began tormenting Asuka, screaming in her face, but Asuka rolled through and locked Nia’s leg in a knee bar. Nia was able to reach the ropes and send Asuka outside the ring. She met her at ringside and pushed her into the apron. She went to bring her back into the ring, but Asuka kicked the back of Nia’s knee, forcing Nia to slam on the steps and get her leg stuck between the steps and pole. She fell off the steps and managed to get back into the ring without getting counted out, but she couldn’t stand up without her leg giving out. Asuka was ruled the winner due to Nia not being able to continue. Seeing that her best friend is in incredible pain, Alexa Bliss ran out and went to check on Jax, along with officials helping her to the back.

Sasha Banks and her posse of Bayley and Mickie James planned to silence Absolution as she took on the deadly Sonya Deville. Sonya got cocky early on as she got the first offense by tossing Sasha from behind. Although, ‘The Boss’ quickly went for a Bank Statement, but Sonya rolled out. Mandy Rose assisted her alliance member and distracted Sasha, allowing Sonya to spear her into the corner. Sasha tried to get the momentum back on her side but Sonya stopped Sasha’s planned maneuver and began drilling her with knees. First her stomach, then her jaw. After a failed pin, Deville locked Banks in a bodyscissor, attempting to wear her out. Sasha fought off Sonya and hit her with a combo featuring a headscissor and running knees in the corner. Banks went to the second rope and took her chance. Unfortunately for her, Sonya capitalized with a hellacious kick and pinned her for the 3 count!

Raw Thoughts:

I absolutely adore Dana in her current role. Yes, I would love to see her wrestle more and be a contender for the title down the road, but this current position is fantastic. She really excels and goes over the top in order to get the character across with what she’s given. She’s great.

Moving on to the RAW25 preview. All I can say is, oh my god. OH! MY! GOD! I was so shocked at the line up and I’m so excited to them, especially Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly. I wonder if any other girls will be showing up as a surprise.

As for the match between Nia Jax and Asuka, I loved it. They did a great job of showcasing Nia’s strength and Asuka’s agility and quickness. They also did a great job on having Asuka win without Nia taking a pin or submission. The match was fantastic too, which really makes me want them to pursue a big feud later in 2018. It has the capability of being feud of the year.

This whole Absolution verses Sasha/Bayley/Mickie thing has been going on for awhile now. At this point, it’s not doing much for me. I do love seeing Mandy Rose (and the rest of them) on tv, but it’s progressing to nothing. I hope after Royal Rumble, everything starts to change.

What did you guys think of RAW?