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REVIEW: Absolution’s Reign Of Destruction Continues And Asuka Makes An Announcement

This week on RAW, we were given a rematch of last week’s show. Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville, collectively known as Absolution, took on the team of Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James. In the end, Absolution kept their triumphant undefeated streak after Paige pulled Bayley off the top rope and hit her with a RamPAIGE.

Absolution made their entrance and looked ready to do nothing except destroy. Bayley was the first from her team to make her way out, then Mickie, and lastly Sasha. Paige and Sasha started off. Ooh, I’m excited, considering their singles bout weeks ago.

Well, nevermind that! Paige quickly tagged Mandy Rose in, but trust me, I’m not complaining. Sasha rolls Mandy up, but the bombshell kicks out. Mandy follows up with a series of reversals and stops to taunt for the crowd. Sasha knocks her down and has a little fun of her own by mocking Rose. Sasha maintains control over RAW’s newest star and tags her partner Mickie James in. Mickie keeps control even after Mandy attempted to reverse and tags Bayley in. The two hit Mandy with a tag team move comprised of a kick and sliding elbow.

Mandy finally separates herself by hitting Bayley with a right hand. Sonya gets tagged in and torments Bayley with a wrestling hold and multiple knee/quad strikes. ‘The Huggable One’ manages to get her into her team’s corner and tag Sasha in. The best friends then hit Deville with a double suplex. However, Sasha gets distracted by Mandy and hits her off the apron, but once she meets Sonya outside the ring, she gets nailed with a vicious clothesline.

After overwhelming “We Want Paige” chants, Sonya eventually gives in and tags her in. Paige smacks Sasha with a running knee in the corner and then follows up with a series of stomps. Mandy gets in and chokes Sasha against the rope. She then locks in a modified octopus stretch. Sasha squirmed to her partners but Mandy pulled her back in an instant. She tagged Sonya in and Deville unleashed impressive maneuvers to keep Banks down. After Paige and Sasha exchanged moves, Mandy got in once again. This time, she hit Sasha with a gorgeous knee and relocked in the modified octopus stretch.

Bayley got the hot tag and hit a now-legal Paige with a comeback. Paige reversed and tried to tag Sonya in, but Bayley shoved her off the apron. She follows up with a Bayley To Belly! 1! 2! And Sonya pulls Paige out! All hell breaks loose as everyone begins fighting at ringside. While the rest of the members are brawling, Bayley tries to go up to the top rope. Paige realizes and pulls her off the top, then she hit a wicked RamPAIGE! Its over! Absolution wins once again.

Later on, WWE congratulated The Bella Twins on hitting one million subscribers on YouTube. Also, Dana Brooke, alongside Titus Worldwide, was seen backstage as The Miztourage continued their caroling backstage.

Another chapter of Nia Jax and Enzo’s love story unfolded as they met up backstage and were caught under a mistletoe. The two kept teasing that they were gonna kiss! Nia was inches away, until Alexa Bliss jumped in front and said she needs to talk to Nia about the Women’s Royal Rumble! This relationship—or whatever it is—can’t catch a break!

Towards the end of the show, Alexa Bliss came out to address the Women’s Royal Rumble. She went on to say everything is thanks to her and all the women backstage are walking in her shadows. All of a sudden, the lights shut off. It’s Asuka! Asuka comes out to announce that she will officially be in Women’s Royal Rumble and that she will win. The two women had an intense stare down until Asuka hit Alexa with a knockout kick!

I really enjoyed what the women did tonight. Both Sonya and Mandy shined in their own rights. It’s incredibly exciting seeing them make waves on RAW. Also, the moment between Asuka and Alexa was quite cool! Asuka’s english has gotten a lot better too! The next few weeks building up to Royal Rumble are going to be interesting for sure.

What did you think about RAW?