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REVIEW: Absolution Vs The World

In the first 20 minutes of RAW, we were blessed with the presence of women’s action! With Sasha Banks at their side, Mickie James and Bayley made their entrance to take on two members of Absolution. However, before the stable made their entrance, WWE showed a recap of the historic match that took place this past week in Abu Dhabi between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. They showed the overwhelming support by news outlets and by two of the most powerful people in WWE, Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon. Congratulations ladies, we are incredibly proud!

Back to RAW! We shortly learn that it will be Paige and Mandy Rose who will represent Absolution in the upcoming match! (Mandy Rose and Paige vs Mickie James and Bayley? I’m excited.) Paige’s theme is cut short after Paige claims she squashed a boss last night and that they will do the same to two other former champions tonight. Mandy then states that they deserve the spotlight and they will purge the division of the “feeble and unworthy”, and in this case, Mickie James and Bayley. Sonya Deville tells them it’s time to put their hair up and square up. She then compared Absolution to a “symphony of destruction”, and follows up by stating that the music is about to start.

The bell rings and Mandy Rose & Bayley start. Paige quickly tags in but doesn’t get much offense thus far. Mickie and Bayley attempt a double suplex but Mandy is quick to break it up. Both Absolution members retreat to ringside where Bayley and Mickie get the upperhand and leap from the apron to take them both out. We then cut to commercial.

And we’re back! Bayley and Mandy are now in the ring. Mandy nails Bayley with a knee and Paige re-enters the match. Paige hits her signature rope-trapped knee strikes and knocks Mickie off the apron with a cheap shot. Paige goes for the knees again but Bayley catches her leg and slams Paige face-first onto the apron. Mickie James and Mandy Rose get hot tagged and go back and forth for a bit. Sonya tries to cause a distraction but fails after Mickie kicks her off the apron. Paige then breaks up a Mickie-DDT with a deadly superkick! Mandy quickly covers and gets the win for Absolution! Another check in the win box!

I thought this was a good little match! We got to see Mandy Rose in action for the first time on RAW and she didn’t disappoint. She was able to keep up with the likes of both Bayley and Mickie James and that’s saying a lot. I’m really hopeful for her future and think she will be a hot commodity very soon.

Not long after, Enzo Amore and Drew Gulak are caught in a backstage segment. It doesn’t seem like much until Enzo names potential contenders for the title and accidentally says “Nia Jax“. Drew is taken aback and says she’s not even on the roster. Enzo claims he didn’t say her name but responds by saying he has a lot on his mind. Drew connects the dots and believes Enzo said her name so that he will be prepared against any opponent, even someone as unlikely as Nia. Interesting! I wonder if we’ll actually get to see this.

Enzo and Drew are seen backstage again. However, this time, Nia Jax shows up. Enzo asks “how you doin’?”, and Nia says she’s doing fine and how it’s great to see Enzo again. She says her greetings to Drew but then tells Enzo that they should talk when he’s not busy. Hmm…I wonder what she has to say.

But that’s not all! In the third hour of RAW, Asuka makes her entrance as she’s set to face Alicia Fox. Alicia’s theme hits but she’s nowhere to be found. Here comes Absolution. Paige shows a video of Alicia talking to an official about her arm hurting and Paige says it’s time for her and Asuka to talk. She tells Asuka that she may be this undefeated force but not even she will be able to stop Absolution. She then threatens Asuka to move out of the way or they’ll make her. Asuka stands her ground but ultimately gets beat down by the trio. But before Paige can finish her off, the entire RAW Women’s Division runs out and puts a stop to them! Mandy Rose stands alone after Paige and Sonya Deville get knocked out of the ring. Mandy gets struck by a spinning backfist from Asuka and gets ran over by a running body press from Nia Jax! Paige and Sonya quickly pull Mandy out and all three retreat.

Before the night is over, Dana Brooke talks with Titus O’Neal and Apollo Crews backstage. It is revealed that Dana is now the official statistician and head of research and development for Titus Worldwide. The celebration is interrupted by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who call Dana and anyone else that works for Titus Worldwide a nerd.

All in all, an amazing show for the women. Every girl was used and some multiple times. I really love the direction the division is going in. It leaves me on the edge of my seat wondering what could happen next. Will Absolution’s reign of destruction be over? Will Nia Jax climb the ranks of the Cruiserweight Division? Will Dana Brooke find success in Titus Worldwide?