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REVIEW: A Rivalry Gets Extreme

Last week I started reviewing Women of Honor and boy am I glad I started. After waiting weeks and weeks for ROH to release Karen Q vs. Deonna Purrazzo on youtube my wish was finally granted yesterday when it was in my subscription’s on youtube. It’s no secret that Karen Q and Deonna Purrazzo are two of my favorites and both of them in a street fight against each other is nothing short of a dream match.

The feud between former best friends Karen Q and Deonna Purrazzo has gotten intense. So intense that these two are about to settle it in the ring in a no disqualification match! Anything goes! As I click play I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to watch a Women of Honor match.

With guest commentator Madison Rayne introduced on commentary, Karen Q makes her way out to the ring first, looking ready for a fight trading in her usual ring gear for a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. She means business and she’s ready for a fight. That’s just what she gets as once her opponent, Deonna Purrazzo enters the ring she just lays into Q with a flurry of forearms. This isn’t a match – this is a fight! The two trade blows back and forth until Karen knees Purrazzo in the mid-section before sending her face first into the turnbuckle! Karen does it again and goes for it once more but Deonna blocks her attempt and instead sends her face first into the turnbuckle before laying into her with more hard forearms! Karen drops to her knees and Deonna continues the attack before setting up for a chop, but no Karen ducks the attempt and chops Deonna instead! After trading chops Deonna gains the advantage before Karen sends her flying with an Irish whip. Deonna bounces off the ring ropes and comes back, taking Karen off her feet with a headscissors, sending Q rolling out onto the floor!

Deonna quickly follows up, connecting with a hard soccer kick to Karen’s arm from the ring apron which allows her to follow up with a cannonball senton off the apron onto Q on the floor! Purrazzo continues her attack on Karen whipping her into the ring apron before whipping her right into the barricade, not giving Karen any time to recover at all! Deonna than grabs a familiar object, a chair! She’s looking for payback! She sets Karen in the chair and charges forward, but she’s cracked right in the face with the chair after some smart last minute thinking from Karen Q! Q follows up, slamming Deonna face first into the ring apron before laying into her mid-section with a chair attack and slamming the chair over Deonna’s back! Karen takes time to back talk some fans in the front row and goes to hit Deonna with the chair once more but she swings and connects with the ring post instead, allowing Deonna to take advantage of this opening and toss her back into the ring.

Once inside the ring, Deonna connects with her signature kick and Russian Leg-sweep combo, covering Karen for a two count. Deonna grabs the steel chair and wedges it in the corner, She focuses back on Karen and whips her, but she stops just before connecting with the chair. However, it’s Deonna who connects head first with the chair after Karen drop toe hold’s her into it. It looks as if Karen is going for a cover, but no – it’s too personal! She starts hitting Deonna with stiff shots to the face. Once that’s done Karen chokes Deonna with her leg, showing everyone that she thinks she’s better than her former friend. After whipping Deonna into the corner Karen plants her into the mat with an exploder suplex, just wearing down Deonna even more! She goes for a cover – just kidding. This isn’t how Karen wants to end this. She wants to hurt Deonna and take her out for good. She goes back to those mounted right forearms and once she’s done with that she chokes Deonna in the corner, stepping on the ring ropes for leverage. Karen quickly rolls to the outside and finds a roll of tape! She has much more sinister plans for Deonna as she begins to tape her arms to the ring ropes, she wants to make it so Deonna can’t fight back! Deonna tries to fight back but Karen lays into her with hard strikes, wearing her down more and more! While Deonna is resilient, it’s hard to continue when you are bound to the ropes. Karen connects hard with a boot to Deonna! Karen smack talks the fans once more and as she does Deonna is able to get free from being taped up.

Karen charges towards Deonna and goes for a kick but as she does Deonna grabs her, lifts her up, and slams her back down with a devastating powerbomb! After both women are down the slowly get back on their feet, exchanging blows until Deonna gains the advantage, hitting forearm after forearm, taking Karen back. Deonna is done playing nice and grabs a roll of tape herself, looking to tie Karen up but as she attempts to Karen sends her crashing to the outside! Q quickly gets onto the apron and as Purrazzo gets up she leaps off the apron, connecting with a crossbody! She tosses Deonna back inside the ring and after she does, she grabs what looks to be chalk powder from under the ring. Q goes to toss the powder at Deonna but she ducks and she hits the referee, blinding him! Karen turns around and gets decked with a cutter from Deonna and she goes for the cover but the referee is blinded! Deonna tries to help the referee out but gets attacked from behind by Karen who then lifts Deonna and plants her right into the steel chair with a Samoan Drop! Somehow, someway Deonna kicks out at a two count! Karen can’t believe it and grabs another chair, waiting, taunting Deonna. As Deonna gets to her feet Karen swings and misses allowing Deonna to hit a big boot, sending the chair into Karen! She goes for the cover, one, two, no! Karen kicks out! It’s insanity! The fans chant “this is awesome” as Deonna grabs the chair once more. She looks like she’s going to swing as Karen pleads with her not to and instead of swinging Deonna traps Karen’s arm in the chair and stomps on it before grabbing that same arm and locking in the Fujiwara Armbar to cause Karen to tap out and award her the victory!

I have to say that this match may be my favorite Women of Honor match ever. These two put it all on the line and they knocked it out of the park. It’s very rare that Women of Honor has long storylines like this as the only one I remember is Mandy vs Taeler, but this was nothing short of fantastic. The way they both wrestled in t-shirts, how they told a story of Deonna wanting to end the match with a wrestling move and not wanting to inflict to much pain on Karen because she still cares about her – it was just fantastic. I know I had to wait weeks to see this but it was well worth the wait in my opinion.