REVIEW: 2 Down, 1 To Go

Rapid Results:

  • Charlotte Flair defeated Sarah Logan via Natural Selection

The Rundown:

With Becky Lynch and Naomi at ringside, Charlotte Flair looked to check another Riott Squad member off her ‘To Beat’ list. The two locked up and eventually separated before Sarah Logan flipped Charlotte over and went for a pin. Charlotte kicked out, but she refused to let go of Flair’s waist and began slamming and whipping her around from behind. Charlotte broke free and flipped Logan onto her back, then plowing her with a kick to the face as Sarah was on her knees. Charlotte took a page from Sarah’s book and locked her from behind and slammed her onto the canvas. Sarah fired back with an elbow and applied a headlock. ‘The Queen’ rolled out, but was met with a shoulder tackle from Logan. However, Charlotte was able to get Sarah down and rammed her knee into Sarah’s skull. She elbowed Logan and tried to throw her into the corner, but Sarah countered and slammed her head into the top turnbuckle. She proceeded to throw Charlotte into the opposing corner, but Flair flipped over the ropes and hit her in the gut. She rolled through the ropes missing Sarah completely and rolled her up. She tried for another pin, but Sarah escaped and rammed her knee into Charlotte’s stomach. Flair got on her knees, but Sarah dropkicked her, sending her outside the ring.

Once back in, Sarah maintained control and applied some sort of chokehold. Charlotte eventually freed herself and tossed Sarah to the side. She went for a back suplex, but the country rebel landed on her feet and sent a chop across Charlotte’s chest. Flair had no reaction and began chopping her with fury. She went for a slam, but Logan wiggled out and tackled the champion from behind, laying her out. Sarah kept Charlotte down by kicking her until pulling her up and hitting a butterfly suplex. She went back to her chokehold and tossed Charlotte into the corner. She ran at her, but Charlotte leaped and popped her jaw with her knee. Charlotte backed up and Sarah jumped and hit Flair with both knees. She went back to kicking Charlotte down and pounding her with strikes. She dug her knee into Charlotte’s shoulder and began bending her arm. Charlotte got the momentum back on her side, until she went for a boot that Sarah countered. Flair got her leg stuck on the rope and Logan capitalized by hitting her with a back suplex. Afterwards, Sarah slammed Charlotte head-first into the middle turnbuckle. She ran at her, but Charlotte slammed her back onto her knee and tossed her into the turnbuckle. A stunned Sarah hobbled out of the corner and Charlotte flipped and nailed Sarah with a skull crushing Natural Selection! 2 down, 1 to go!

Smack Talk:

Well, I don’t know what to really say. The match felt really long and dragged out. Some moves were cute, but they don’t have much chemistry. Although, that Natural Selection was beautiful and Sarah’s selling was iconic. I just am so tired of this reusing and recycling on SmackDown. It’s the same stuff every single week. They’re really giving us no reason to tune in.

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