RESULTS: WSU Wrestling – Excellence 2015

Women Superstars Uncensored ran their iPPV “Excellence” live out of the Flyers, Skatezone in Vorhees, New Jersey. Here are the results:

  • Hania defeated Tessa Blanchard with a running knee
  • Solo Darling & Brittany Blake defeated Veda Scott & Angel Dust
  • Athena defeats Sumie Sakai after Hania interferes and attacks Athena, causing a DQ
  • Leva Bates defeated Penelope Ford to retain the Spirit Title
  • C.U.N.T defeat The Dollhouse to retain the WSU Tag Team Titles
  • Cherry Bomb defeated Candice LeRae after a BSE to retain the WSU Title
  • Hania defeated Athena after she pretended to get knocked out by a fake chair shot, causing a DQ
  • Kalkofen

    Firstly, I wish Cherry a speedy recovery. A broken collarbone sounds awful, based on live reports from the show it seems like she took a nasty fall. Hope this doesn’t jeopardize her reign. I love the fact that Hania/Athena’s feud is still continuing despite the latter heading to the PC soon. With Athena leaving the circuit I have so much faith in Hania to take advantage of every opportunity and continue to grow into an amazing performer. I’m not at all saying she could easily fill the void Athena will leave, but I’m just happy so far she’s been successful as a heel and WSU seems to be high on her. Loved that she pulled a page out of Eddie’s book for the finish. I love that Tessa’s been traveling between smaller and well known promotions trying to gain more experience. Athena vs Sumie Sakai sounds like it kicked off great. I’m not familiar with Penelope Ford TBH (and it sucks Leva was unable to bring the title with her…I also heard she had a good showing). Both the tag-matches sound fun, and Cherry vs Candice (despite the unfortunate injury) and main event got nice reviews. I’m still going to wait for Clickwrestle though.

  • Kalkofen

    Also forgot to add that Havok is supposedly going for the world championship