RESULTS: WOW Superheros – 5/11/17

WOW held its most recent taping at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on May 11th. Here are the results via SoCalUncensored:

Beast over Stephy Slays

Santana Garrett over Abilene Maverick (Barbi Hayden) to retain the WOW Championship

Jessie Jones (Jessie Belle Smothers) over Malia Hosaka

Loca over Stephy Slays
-This was a first round match of the tag team title tournament. Both wrestlers represented their respective teams.

Abilene Maverick (Barbi Hayden) over Khloe Hurtz (Katie Forbes) in a ring rats match

Malia Hosaka over Chantilly Chella (Ray Lyn)

The Temptress (Katie Lea) (w/Dagger) over Jessie Jones

Santana Garrett over The Beverly Hills Babe (Amber OI’Neal) to retain the WOW Championship