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RESULTS: Southside Wrestling – Queen Of The Ring 2017


Southside Wrestling held Queen of The Ring, a one-night tournament to crown the ‘Queen of Southside”. The Queen of Southside Championship also changed hands at the event. Here are the results:

  • Kay Lee Ray defeated Toni Storm to advance using the ropes for leverage after Kasey Owens distracted Storm.
  • Queen Of Southside Champion Lana Austin def. Sammii Jayne to advance.
  • Kasey Owens defeated Martina The Session Moth to advance.
  • Sienna def. Shanna to advance.
  • Kay Lee Ray def. Queen Of Southside Champion, Lana Austin by submission to advance.
  • Kasey Owens def. Sienna by disqualification to advance. Kasey called for Kay Lee Ray to help but Kay Lee Ray hit Kasey with a chair for Kasey to get the win by disqualification and advance to the final, Kay Lee Ray tried to hit Kasey again with the chair but hit Sienna instead.
  • Sammii Jayne def. Shax.
  • Kay Lee Ray def. Kasey Owens by submission to WIN the tournament and become the New Queen Of Southside Champion.
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