The latest and greatest in women's wrestling


SHIMMER Women Athletes recorded their 86th event last night at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois. Here are the results:

  • Rhia O’Reilly defeated Kimber Lee via The Rhiadjustment.
  • Leva Bates defeated Angel Dust via Pepsi Plunge.
  • Melanie Cruise defeated Shotzi Blackheart.
  • Hudson Envy defeated Xandra Bale via Tower Of London. Afterwards a returning Christina Von Eerie helps Envy take out BaleSpin.
  • Cat Power defeated Nixon Newell.
  • Tessa Blanchard (w/Vanessa Kraven) defeated Jessicka Havok after Kraven destracted her.
  • SHIMMER TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Team Slap Happy (Evie & Heidi Lovelace) (c) defeated Flying High #WDSS (Kay Lee Ray & Mia Yim)
  • Vanessa Kraven (w/Tessa Blanchard) defeated Candice LeRae via Chokebomb.
  • Mickie James defeated Nicole Matthews via Mickie-DDT after Saraya Knight stopped Matthews from using a belt as a weapon.
  • The Aussie Squad (Kellie Skater & Shazza McKenzie) defeated Trifecta (Mercedes Martinez & Shayna Baszler) (w/Nicole Savoy) when Kellie Skater rolled up Martinez for the win.