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RESULT: Southside Wrestling Entertainment – All Hail The Queen

Southside Wrestling Entertainment held ‘All Hail The Queen’ earlier today in Sheffield, England. We have results from the show thanks to our reader Alex. Check them out here:

  • Viper def. Ruby Summers. Nixon Newell came out post match and said her opponent Alex Windsor was injured and challenged Viper to a match later on. Viper accepted.
  • Session Moth Martina defeated Lady Katherine Darcy w/ Savoy, her butler after a code breaker.
  • Jade defeated Shanna in a great match via tiger bomb.
  • The Owens Twins def. Melina and Lana Austin after Melina did a crossbody and injured her knee. She was pinned and everyone rushed to her aid and an ambulance was called. Quite a scary moment.
  • Nixon Newell def Viper after a shining wizard. Good match with some comedy undertaker skits.
  • Kay Lee Ray def Candice LeRae in a no DQ match. originally Kay Lee Ray got disqualified and the ref announced Candice as winner but Candice grabbed the mic and asked for a rematch and the ref made it no dq. Amazing match with a lot of great outside action. Kay Lee won with her gory special onto a chair. Candice delivered a Ballsplex to Kay Lee post match.