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RAW Women’s Championship match set for WrestleMania 33

Bayley’s run as Raw Women’s Champion has been a dream come true, but she’ll have to deny both her best friend and most ardent foe at WrestleMania to prevent a rude awakening.

The beloved Raw Women’s Champion will defend her title against the only two other women to ever hold it, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks, in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 33 that began to take shape as far back as December. That’s when Charlotte wrestled the title from Banks in a grueling WWE Iron Man Match, sending The Boss into a minor tailspin while Bayley rose up as The Queen’s most prominent foe in the process. Even though Charlotte fended Bayley off at the Royal Rumble, a recovered Banks provided her friend with a decisive assist on Raw to dethrone The Queen — and then another at WWE Fastlane, snapping Charlotte’s pay-per-view streak and all but assuring Bayley will walk into her first Showcase of the Immortals as Raw Women’s Champion.

Seeking a more legitimate victory against Charlotte Flair, Bayley defends the Raw Women’s Championsip at WWE Fastlane.

And if Bayley had it her way, she would defend the title against Sasha herself, fulfilling the journey they began together down in WWE NXT. But thanks to Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon coming down on Charlotte’s side that Sasha’s interference cost Flair the Fastlane match, The Queen was able to wheel and deal her way to the big dance. In fact, Banks only rounded out the field at the end of an impromptu friendly against Bayley that booked her passage to Orlando.

As many a champion has surely warned Bayley before, it’s best to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. But given the stakes of the match she now finds herself in, she may have trouble discerning one from the other. And on April 2, live at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network, we will see what happens when dreams and ambition collide.

  • Marshy

    Who didn’t see this coming once again of having a triple threat match at Wrestlemania? Just last year that it was a triple threat match at Wrestlemania to determine a new Raw Women’s Champion between Becky Lynch VS Sasha Banks VS Charlotte.

  • Marshy

    Last night on Raw that the match has went from being a triple threat to a fatal four way with Sasha Banks VS Charlotte VS Bayley VS Nia Jax.