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Q&A With RISE Owner: Kevin Harvey


We recently reached out to RISE owner Kevin Harvey about his “World Class Development Seminar” that will take place on November 10th in Berwyn, IL.  The top 10 -12 participants of this seminar will have an opportunity to compete in a live event that very night! This is an excellent opportunity for female athletes. Featured instructors include Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight.

Below is more information along with a quick Q&A from Kevin Harvey.

Jay : What made you want to make RISE?

Kevin: When it was time for me to return to wrestling after some time away, I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to come back. Where I could come back and what I could do to help different promotions? When it came to figuring out where I enjoyed working the most and where I felt I made the most positive impact, the obvious answer was SHIMMER Women Athletes. I decided that I wanted to do everything in my ability to help promote, produce and advance women’s wrestling. That’s where the entire WPWC – Women’s Professional Wrestling Consultant idea was born. Work exclusively toward making women’s events and the talents performing on them better.

A lot of fans know me in some way from SHIMMER. Yes, I was an announcer for a number of shows. Yes, I took a few (pronounced: a LOT) of beatings from Saraya Knight. Yes, I came up with the spectacle that was KANA vs. Thunderkitty. But what a lot of folks don’t realize is a lot of what I did and where I felt I added the most to SHIMMER was helping behind the curtain. Dave Prazak is one of my best friends in wrestling or out. I am just as excited about women’s wrestling revolutions as everyone else, but Dave Prazak has done more for women’s wrestling than any words on a page can give proper credit. So what did I do for SHIMMER? Whatever it took to help the girls and whatever it took to help Dave.
RISE was born from a passion I have for training and development. It is great to see how much women’s wrestling is out there. It’s great to see how many of our friends and colleagues are making really big waves in WWE and elsewhere. I felt there was a need for further training as more and more talents were signed. Wrestling seminars with high profile talent are not new, but to the best of my knowledge, I was not aware of any exclusively for women wrestlers. I wanted to see what the interest might be if I were to provide talent with truly world class trainers and incentive to do well in the camp to gain a spot on the Live Event. It turns out, there is a LOT of interest. A lot, lot, lot of interest!
In a less long-winded answer, RISE was born to help ensure the future. If I invest in the product… If talent invests in themselves… If the fans invest in new talent they may not have seen before…then we’ve all invested in the future of women’s professional wrestling. The seminar is a legitimate sellout in four days of sales. Ticket sales are rolling in. I’d say the future is starting to look pretty darn good!
Jay :What is the goal of RISE?
Kevin :I already touched on a good part of this answer above. Overall the goal of RISE is to build a pipeline of talent for all women’s promotions. Too often in wrestling, egos get in the way. People are looking to put themselves over. With anyone I have worked with in women’s wrestling, most all the egos are checked at the door and everyone works together to put on the best shows possible. It’s amazing what groups of like minded people can do when they work together toward a common goal.
I know a lot of folks who want to help make the Women Athletes of Tomorrow the best they can now and develop them to be even better in the future.
The goal is in the name. RISE was created to help new talent ascend.
Jay: Why should female athletes participate in the RISE Seminar?
Kevin : Wrestling is business where no one ever stops learning. Rarely, if ever, has an entire seminar been created exclusively for the betterment of female talent on the independent circuit. Look at the pedigree of people from whom they’ll be learning. Look at the names that can be assumed to be on the feedback panel for the live event. Anyone in wrestling in any role needs to invest in themselves to break out. When you really think about it, $50 to train with Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight?! That’s an absurdly low cost when compared to the possible impact their teachings can have on your career. This is not $50 to someone who has been wrestling “20 years,” but has had a total of 200 matches, all within a 50 mile radius of home. These are two of the most highly regarded professional wrestlers in the world. Period.
In my mind, there are none better than the two trainers provided.
Jay: How can women who are interested in the seminar sign up, is there still room available? 
Kevin: Women wrestlers interested in participating in the seminar need to act quickly. The original attendance cap was raised by select few positions after a legitimate sellout in the first four days. For RISE 1 – IGNITE information, seminar signup and tickets, visit today. Based on current inquiries, the seminar is expected to sell out of remaining positions by Sunday, August 14.
For tickets to SHIMMER’s tapings of Volumes 86-90 taking place November 11-13, please visit
Jay: You mentioned that other top promotions would be scouting talent at RISE other than SHIMMER. Can you reveal what promotions other than SHIMMER that will be scouting talent?
Kevin: Not at this time.
Jay :You said RISE was a larger version of SHIMMER’s Sparkle tryout matches. Will the competitors that impress at RISE get an opportunity at SHIMMER?
Kevin : As I have told 100% of the seminar participants, nothing is guaranteed other than providing a world class seminar for training and development. No one is guaranteed a slot on the RISE 1 – IGNITE card. No one is guaranteed a spot on the roster at SHIMMER. However, between RISE and SHIMMER, there are a total of six total wrestling cards. For someone who has an amazingly positive attitude, is open to feedback and is hard-working, that’s a lot of opportunity that could present itself.
Jay: Are you planning future RISE events?
Kevin: There is nothing on the books, but never say never. This is a first of its kind business model, and we need to get through this first outing before making any future decisions.
Based on the demand for RISE 1 and having utmost confidence participants and fans will not be disappointed, I think RISE 2 isn’t at all far fetched.
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