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Princess Sugehit Loses Her Mask at CMLL Anniversary Show


Princess Sugehit and Zeuxis clashed in a mask vs mask match at CMLL’s anniversary show in a two out of three falls match.

Sugehit took the first fall, but after dominating the second, Zeuxis was the one who scored the second fall. Finally, Zeuxis caught Sugehit with a Spanish Fly to score the victory and win Princesa’s mask.

Princesa Sugehit was revealed as Ernestina Sugehit Salazar Martínez who is 37 years of age and has 21 years of experience inside the squared circle.

Sugehit is the first woman to lose her mask at a CMLL Anniversary Show.

Sugehit recently wrestled in WWE’s Mae Young Classic where she defeated Kay Lee Ray before falling to Mercedes Martinez in the second round. She was the only representative from Mexico.

  • Baldwin A. Saintilus

    It would have been cool to have a female masked wrestler in NXT but I still hope she gets a shot in the WWE

    • Thou

      Rey lost his mask in wcw. It didn’t stop him from going back under the mask for another 10+ years.

      I thought she was very impressive.

  • Jim Mills

    Zeuxis has always been the better luchadora.I think whats gonna happen is Sugehit will end up in NXT.

  • Jim Mills

    Mr Wrestling 1 wore a white mask from time to time then at other times he would wrestle under his name Tim Woods without being unmasked

  • Harald Van der Voort