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Princesa Sugehit Wins First Ever Copa Natalia Vazquez

Mae Young Classic competitor Princesa Sugehit won the first ever Copa Natalia Vazquez last night in Arena Mexico, defeating 13 other women in one match to win the cup.

The match involved CMLL Luchadoras La Comandante, Skadi, La Vaquerita , Metalica, Lady Maravilla, La Seductora, Dalys, Sanely, Silueta , Marcela , Estrellita , Amapola, and former CMLL Women’s Champion Zeuxis who Sugehit eliminated last via armbar in a match that went over 35 minutes.

The match was also the CMLL debut of Lady Maravilla.

Source Lucha Blog
  • jim

    Well Zeuxis is the far better Luchadora but Sugheit got lucky