PREVIEW: Women’s Wrestling Revolution – ‘Identity Crisis’

Women’s Wrestling Revolution presented ‘Identity Crisis’ in Providence, Rhode Island this past weekend on March 4th, 2017. They released raw footage from the show tonight that you can watch on Beyond Wrestling’s youtube channel where all new subscribers get an automatic 14 day free trial after signing up.

The DVD and Blu-Ray of the show will be up on Smart Mark Video within the next few weeks. We got the opportunity to watch the show and here are some quick thoughts on the matches:

Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) vs. Maria Manic & Penelope Ford
The opening match sees The Sea Stars Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo (and Jawsolyn) take on Maria Manic and Penelope Ford. Three of the participants of the match have been chosen by our writers as ones to watch in 2017 and this match shows why! Ashley Vox flies out of the ring, landing a suicide dive during the match and Penelope Ford continues to prove that she’s a hidden gem on the independent scene. Maria used her size and strength to her advantage during the match, using big power moves against the much smaller Ashley & Delmi. She hits an impressive Alabama Slam and the double team moonsault by Penelope and Maria Manic was great. The Sea Stars win it after a Heart Attack into a jackknife cover. Great match!

Willow Nightingale vs. Skylar
I’ve seen Willow a handful of times at NYWC in Long Island, NY but this is the first time I’ve seen her since her return from a knee injury that had her out for almost all of last year. I saw Skylar once during a mixed tag team match at World of Hurt in Whitehall, NY last year and she impressed me a lot. Willow hits an impressive missile dropkick off the top rope during the match and Skylar hits a beautiful lung blower shortly after. Willow wins after a fisherman’s suplex. Another good match. Skylar is very impressive for a rookie in wrestling and Willow had no ring rust whatsoever.

Sonya Strong vs. Vanity
Vanity is making her debut in WWR in this match and I’m a little unfamiliar with her. Sonya is a mainstay in House of Glory in NY and one of the most known female wrestlers in NY. They hype up Sonya’s striking abilities and they aren’t wrong! Brutal! Vanity throws some fire in this match after being dominated for a while. She almost scores the win after hitting a flapjack. Sonya wins with a dragon suplex! Both girls work really well together. Sonya plays a great heel.

Karen Q vs. Tasha Steelz
If you know me you know how much I love Karen Q. She is the future of women’s wrestling (and my pick for one to watch in 2017) and after this match I think Tasha Steelz is too. Damien Adams and Deonna Purrazzo do such a good job training the talent in New Jersey. They go hold for hold in the beginning of the match, knowing exactly what one another is going to do next. Karen delivers the best back handspring elbow I’ve ever seen inside the ring and follows it up with a t-bone suplex. Tasha shows her strength in the match hitting a double arm suplex! The ending comes after Tasha submits to a Boston Crab. These two tore it up in the ring!

Twisted Sisters (Thunder Rosa & Holidead) vs. Black & Blue (Davienne & Mistress Belmont)
I’m not as familiar with these four women in this match as I am with everyone else on the card. The Twisted Sisters are big names in California and have done a few tours of Japan with STARDOM while Davienne and Mistress Belmont are names in New England female wrestling. One thing I don’t think women’s wrestling has enough of is tag teams and I feel this show is jam packed with them! The Twisted Sisters work so well as a team. They’re fluid and work off one another flawlessly. Davienne has the size advantage over all the other wrestlers in the match and uses it to her advantage, taking Thunder Rosa off her feet with power moves throughout the match. Sammi Lane provides a distraction allowing Davienne and Belmont to gain the advantage. The end comes when Belmont rolls up Thunder Rosa after Sammi Lane provides a distraction. Sammi gets her comeuppance as the Sisters attack her post match. What an impressive debut from the Twisted Sisterz. I hope they’re brought back!

Barbi Hayden vs. Gabi Castrovinci
Fresh off her WWE tryout Barbi Hayden takes on one half of the SHINE tag team champions former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Gabi Castrovinci. Gabs hits a nice springboard arm drag off the ring ropes. She has come very far from when she was in TNA. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen Hayden wrestle and she’s as good as ever. Your standard back and forth match that saw Gabi pick up the win via armbar. Gabi was very impressive in this match. She’s clearly put in a lot of work in training with Santana Garrett in Florida.

Alexis Rose vs. Veda Scott
This is the first time I’ve ever seen Alexis Rose wrestle. I hadn’t heard of her at all until she was announced for this show. Veda plays such a good heel. and the dynamic between her and Rose was really good here. At one point in the match Alexis Rose does a cartwheel off the top rope to avoid Veda Scott and instantly turns me into a fan. This match was full of different submission attempts, my favorite being Veda’s dragon sleeper over the ropes. Rose showed a lot of resiliency during the match but it wasn’t enough as Veda scores the win after a shining wizard. Great debut by Rose, I’m hoping to see more of her whether it’s in the US or back in her home country England.

Renee Michelle vs. Jordynne Grace
Renee Michelle is making her WWR debut against one of WWR’s top stars Jordynne Grace. The match stars out strong with both going toe to toe, hold for hold, winning the crowd over within minutes. It still blows my mind at how good Grace is as she just turned 21. Renee Michelle has really made a name for herself over the last year as well and these two made magic together in this match. Jordynne kicks out of Renee Michelle’s finisher the Bonita Bomb during the match! This match was intense. German Suplexes, hard kicks, Michinoku drivers, and all were busted out during this match and none were able to score the pinfall. Grace wins after a bearhug submission hold. I can’t imagine not going out of your way to see this match. This was easily my match of the night.

Rachael Ellering vs. Su Yung
Su Yung was a last minute replacement for Tessa Blanchard who is filming a movie currently and this is a first time ever match up. Ellering has had one of the most impressive runs since her start in wrestling. She’s taken to wrestling like a fish in water. Su has had an impressive past year winning the Queens of Combat championship, FEST Wrestling championship, and GirlFight wrestling championship. This felt like a big match on paper and it exceeded my expectations going into this! Su Yung is crazy and during the match dropkicked Ellering on the apron onto the floor. It didn’t take long for the match to end up on the outside and to the bar. They brawled around the ring and we see Su slam Ellering back first onto the apron. So many crazy moments in this match. These two are so good and they proved why they are two of the most talked about women in wrestling today. It looked like Su had this match won on more than one occasion but Ellering kept the fight going. Ellering won after Su accidentally misted the referee allowing Ellering to hit a cradle spinebuster.

All in all this show was very impressive from beginning to end. It’s very rare to see such a good cohesive show put on by a promotion. Women’s Wrestling Revolution continues to deliver and prove why it’s one of the best women’s wrestling promotions in the United States. They’ve taken names like Jordynne Grace, Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo, and Sonya Strong and given them a platform to showcase their skills against some of the top names in wrestling and continue to give spotlight to the great female wrestlers in New England.

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