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SHINE Wrestling returns to iPPV tomorrow night at The Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida where it will present SHINE 16 live.

This SHINE iPPV will be headed up by the current SHINE Champion Rain defending the title against fellow Valkyrie Member, Ivelisse Velez. Valkyrie will collide at SHINE 16 and that’s just one of the many matches in place for the show. What other matches await? Let’s find out!

Amazing_KongAmazing Kong vs. Taylor Made

After failing to capture the title against Rain at SHINE 15 Amazing Kong will be facing another member of the Valkyrie stable in Taylor Made. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Taylor Made wrestle in a SHINE ring and her first match back is against Amazing Kong who will no doubt be looking for revenge after Valkyrie cost her the title match against Rain just last month. Taylor Made looks to be on her own in this match too as her fellow stable members have other matches on the card, but one has to wonder if April Hunter will have any involvement in this.

Kimberly vs. Sojo Bolt

Sojo Bolt was victorious in her last outing in SHINE and is looking to continue her momentum by winning this match against Kimberly. Kimberly, however plans to put a stop to that. In the last few SHINE shows Kimberly has won the audience over, aligning herself with Daffney and joining the All Star Squad and seemingly reinventing herself. It will be interesting to see just who walks out of this match as the winner.

Amber O’Neal vs. La Rosa Negra

At the last SHINE show Amber O’Neal and Santana Garrett were forced to break up as a team after being defeated by The SNS Express and at SHINE 16 Amber O’Neal goes into singles competition alone in only her second singles match ever in SHINE. One has to wonder if she’ll be able to achieve success in a singles match and if the loss at SHINE 15 will still be on her mind. One person that hopes that it is still on her mind is her opponent, La Rosa Negra. La Rosa Negra has been featured in SHINE before but she has yet to really break out and make a splash and a win at SHINE 16 could do just that!

SantanaaSantana Garrett vs. Serena Deeb

In this first time ever match Santana Garret will face off against the debuting Serena Deeb. Santana is a star in SHINE and Serena Deeb is arguably one of the best female talents on the scene. Their are rumors flying around the internet that this could very well be Santana Garrett’s last match with the company before heading off to NXT if that rumor is true. Both women always bring out the best in their opponents so I can only imagine how great this match will be!

Angelina Love vs. Leah Von Dutch

Angelina Love will face off against fellow Canadian Leah Von Dutch at SHINE 16. Angelina has had a lot of wins in SHINE and is looking to rack up yet another one and get back into title contention. Leah Von Dutch has yet to pick up a win in SHINE but had some choice words for Angelina Love in her promo for the match. Should be an exciting matchup.

Leva Bates vs. Nevaeh

These two women have faced each other twice in the past and at SHINE 16 they face each other for a third time. Theirs bad blood between these two ladies and they will be settling it in the squared circle. At the last SHINE show the two battled in a Friday the 13th Massacre match which saw both ladies engage in a sword fight with two machetes that saw Leva Bates pick up the win with not one, not two, but three superhero kicks to pick up the win. The two have been trash talking each other on twitter and through promos ever since that match and now they finally get their hands on each other tomorrow night.

Allysin Kay vs. Jessicka Havok

Former best friends collide in a no DQ, anything goes match tomorrow night at SHINE 16. Theirs a lot of backstory to this match. Havok and Kay have been friends since Allysin Kay was first thrusted into the wrestling world and the two teamed up across many promotions all over North America and thanks to Valkyrie Allysin Kay turned on her best friend, attacking her. The two faced off against each other at the last 1513306_10201424341035907_1976807478_nSHINE show but the match ended in a disqualification after both women kicked the referee at the same time. After that match Allysin Kay brutalized Jessicka Havok’s leg by attacking it with a chair. This one is personal and it’s been proven that a referee can’t even control the two. With no rules it’s almost for sure that anything will go and these two former friends will do whatever it takes to beat each other down.

Ivelisse vs. Rain

In the main event current SHINE Champion Rain defends the title against fellow Valkyrie Member, Ivelisse Velez in singles competition. These two have had problems in the past when Rain accidentally cost Ivelisse her spot in the title tournament and it looks as if theirs some tension in Valkyrie as of late. Who will walk away from SHINE 16 as the SHINE champion?

All those matches and more when the show goes live on iPPV on Friday, January 24th, 2014

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