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PREDICTIONS: WWE Hell In A Cell 2016


Tonight WWE presents the Hell In A Cell pay Per View LIVE on the WWE Network. The RAW branded pay per view will see Bayley take on Dana Brooke as well as Sasha Banks defending her RAW women’s championship against Charlotte Flair in the first ever Women’s Hell In A Cell match. We here at Squared Circle Sirens have our predictions below:

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke


Casey: I think it would be really obvious to say that Bayley would come out with the win but I’m hoping for a shock. I’m going to go with Dana Brooke winning. Dana has “injured” Bayley so I think she’ll sneak her way to a win. I’m hoping to possibly see the re-debut of Emmalina in this match, helping Dana score a huge victory over Bayley.

Jason : I am a bias Bayley fan and would love to see her pick up the win. I am thinking we will have a good back and forth match. Maybe a re-debut of Emmalina is possible but I think WWE will make us wait a bit longer for that. I am giving Bayley the win.

Scott: Dana is really good at being a mean girl. While she isn’t the best technician in the ring, I’ve enjoyed her part in this. Bayley is a natural underdog and crowds gravitate to her. She is the superior wrestler and deserves settle this with a decisive win. #TeamBayley

Dennis: Well here is something fresh. And in all honesty, I’m only half kidding. Yes, we have seen Dana vs Bayley but let’s be totally honest, the WWE has made this a decent feud to watch. And if you watch Raw, this does deserve a PPV spot. Although this may be an “era of the diva”-esk storyline, it has put Bayley back in the spot where she should be, as the underdog, and with Dana Brooke finally getting a win, and having some cheap shots on Bayley, have made her look like a powerhouse. Who wins? That depends on where the WWE is taking this. If this is going to continue, Dana Brooke wins, if they want this to end, Bayley wins. My guess? Emmalina gets involved to come back with Dana Brooke, and Dana gets the win here.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte


Casey: I’m sure both women are going to go all out in this match and I’m hoping it’s the main event. I know WWE hardly ever has superstars win in their hometowns but I can’t see Sasha Banks not scoring the victory here. Sasha just captured the title and I feel like switching the title now would be too soon. Sasha making history in her hometown would be ideal in my eyes.

Jason: I believe the women here have a chance to make this match the match of the night if not a match of the year. The build up has not been to impressive in my opinion but I believe both girls will go all out and make it known that women’s wrestling matters. I can’t see Charlotte getting the title back as I believe its time for her to move on to other feuds. My pick is Sasha.

ScottThroughout their time with WWE, these two women have had some really great matches and have some very memorable spots together.  I think this could be another one of those.  Neither woman is afraid of putting more than 100%.  Charlotte has had a long reign as the Champion of the division and has already knocked back the other women that tried to take it from her.  I know she is going to do everything she can to take it back.  However, Sasha has shown drive and determination in her chase to the gold.  Now that she has it, she isn’t going to lay down easily.  #TeamSasha

Dennis: What. A. Time. To. Be. Alive. The women are going to hell (in a cell). Lord, please don’t let there be an injury. Please.

With that said. I know I’m in the minority, even of the SCS team, but I’ve bought the build. Could it have been better? Yes. But I’m hyped. I wanna see these two in the cell. I want to watch Hell come to life. And these two can do it. I have really grown to become a Charlotte fan, and have always been a Sasha fan. And clearly the fans are behind this. In fact, in the WWE poll, 50% of the fans polled are most excited for this match on the card. (Owens v Rollins in second place with 25%). This match is huge. And I will be on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Nonetheless, this needs to be the exclamation and end point of this feud for now. Where do you go post hell in a cell? The only way there is a valid case for us to move on, is for Sasha Banks to win. And she should. It’s time for a fresh run with the title. And a new challenger. Sasha Banks Wins. And Nia Jax makes a statement to be Sasha’s next challenger.