PREDICTIONS: Women’s Money in the Bank

WWE will be making history today by having the first ever Women’s Money In the Bank Match. If you don’t know our staff by now, they have some opinionated predictions on who will walk out with the first women’s money in the bank briefcase.

Chris Riddle: This is… actually happening. I never thought I would be writing a prediction for a Women’s Money in The Bank Ladder Match. In all the advancements that the WWE’s Women’s Division has made in the last two years, this is another massive step. I’m so excited to see what these five will put together for the match. Everything has an opinion on who will actually win… Charlotte is an obvious choice, so is Becky… hell, there’s even a floating theory that the winner could be someone not even officially announced for the match. But, I’m gonna go a different route. After a decade in the WWE, I would love to see Natalya end up as the first ever Ms. Money in The Bank. I feel like she’s had some of her best work over the past year and I would love to see her directly in the championship picture.  I can’t wait to see what all the girls bring to the table in the match!    WINNER: Natalya Neidhart

Scott: Charlotte is going to win this, obviously.  While I would prefer Becky to win the match, and I hope she does, I don’t think Becky is the best option for number one contender.  History has shown that she isn’t the most exciting champion.  I can’t see Natalya getting another run at this point.  Carmella is no where near ready to hold a belt.  And as much….um… (not really, but you get the point) as it would be to hear the  TA. MI. NA. music every week on Smackdown, she is kind of the most laughable of all of the contenders.  I mean in her return to the company, she was slotted into the third wheel of the Welcoming Committee.  I expect the match to be good though.  Charlotte will attempt some high risk dives off of the ladder that I hope land.  Becky will probably have time introducing Ellsworth to a ladder.  But I think this is real start of the push to the belt for Charlotte.    WINNER: Charlotte Flair

Jason: I genuinely believe that any of these women could win on Sunday. Charlotte seems like the obvious choice here because the company clearly sees her as the face of their women’s divisions. Becky Lynch is a solid babyface option and the briefcase would keep her in the title picture. Tamina could easily fill the briefcase stalker role that many heels have had in the past. Carmella is the ultimate wildcard who could win in a shocker. Natalya is always in the thick of things, so she should never be ruled out. I have no idea who will ultimately win this, so I’m going to stop overthinking and go with the woman I want to see win, Becky Lynch.

Bonus Prediction: James Ellsworth will take the biggest bump of the match courtesy of the Irish Lass Kicker.    WINNER: Becky Lynch

Taylor: Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Whichever way this ends up, it’s pretty exciting to see the women get their own MITB match, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens.  It’s always interesting to see how ladder match rookies perform and you add in the historical importance and I think that this match will be memorable no matter what happens.  Most people are leaning towards Carmella, but I’m going a different direction.  I think giving the briefcase to Charlotte might be a good way to turn her back into a heel when the time is right.  She could stay as a babyface for now but then win the title with a less than honorable cash-in on one of her friends and turn heel.  She’s a natural heel and holding the briefcase keeps her elevated without having to give her title opportunities.     WINNER: Charlotte

Dave: History is made with WWE’s first ever Women’s MITB. While this is not really the group I’d have picked for this match (NXT would have been a better spot for it IMO), I am really excited to see what will happen. I can predict a few things about this match. James Ellsworth will most likely take a big bump. Charlotte will do a moonsault off a ladder onto somebody. Nattie or Becky will most likely do a cool submission move on top of a ladder. I am willing to bet this match will open the PPV, because the winner will be cashing in the title shot later that night.

The money has to be on Charlotte winning it here. She hasn’t really made a big splash on Smackdown yet. This is her chance to get back to her winning ways. I really don’t see Tamina or Carmella as much of a threat, and while I’d like to see Nattie or Becky taking that briefcase, my money’s on Charlotte to win this.    WINNER: Charlotte

JoseIt’s surreal that this match is not only happening, but that it’s the one stipulation we thought the women would never get to have. Remember when we all thought the 6 Pack at WrestleMania would’ve been a ladder match at one point? All that aside, everyone has something to prove in this match. Becky needs to reaffirm why she was the first women’s pick for SmackDown in last year’s draft, Natalya can use this to cement her family’s legacy and have a real chance at a championship for the first time since 2010, Carmella can shock the world with how many overlooked her due to Ellsworth, the Man Chinless Wonder. Tamina can pay homage to her father and Samoan heritage, whilst also proving that she’s more than a background player. Charlotte will use this to prove that she’s untouchable as far as the current generation of women’s superstars go in WWE. With all that being said, I want an unpredictable winner. Ideally, I’d want Natalya or Tamina to win the match. What I think will happen is that Becky Lynch will get the historic win, and cash on later that night. Whether it be against Lana, taking the opportunistic win, or a shocking heel turn against a retaining Naomi, that briefcase better be flame-retardant. The first ever Miss Money in the Bank will be bringing some straight fire!     Winner: Becky Lynch

Heel Dennis:  Money in the Bank. I want to be clear, this prediction is contingent on there only being these 5 women in the match. If Maria makes her triumphant return in this match to save the WWE Women’s division, I’m entirely behind her. However, with that being said. Is anyone seriously going against Charlotte? I mean. It’s a “history” moment, on a PPV. she’s clearly winning. But let’s hope for a good match that Ellsworth stays the hell out of.     WINNER: Charlotte Flair

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