Predictions: TNA Bound For Glory 2016

Tonight, TNA is set to present Bound for Glory which you can order on FITE TV . The Knockouts Championship is on the line as Gail Kim challenges Knockouts Champion, Maria Kanellis Bennett. We here are Squared Circle Sirens have our predictions below:

Casey: I haven’t watched TNA in a few months but with Gail Kim getting inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame tonight I can’t see her losing a match at the pay per view. However, with Brandi debuting soon I could see Maria winning with the help of Allie, Sienna, and Laurel and Brandi coming out for the post match save. I’ll go with Gail Kim winning though.

Jason : Wait, TNA is still a company? I went through a phase when all I watched was TNA and totally forgot about WWE (believe it or not). I will be honest on this one stating I do not know much of what have been going with TNA programming. This is just a bias opinion because I met Maria 7 years ago, so I will give her the win. Hey, at least Im honest!

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Dennis: Oh TNA. Bless. As much as a lot of the wrestling world, myself included, have talked negatively about TNA. I genuinely do hope that this will not be the last time we see TNA. There is no denying that TNA, at one time, was the pinnacle of televised women’s wrestling. Now, although they have an incredible roster, which includes the likes of Sienna, Allie, Jade, and Marti Bell, we are set with the match that the whole world saw coming. If this is TNA’s Swan Song, or if they think it will be, Gail Kim will win this match. However, I have a gut instinct that it won’t be. Which is why I am taking the person that nobody will take to win this match. Maria Kanellis Bennett wins this match. And then feuds with Brandi Rhodes, on like, youtube, or Pop, or something

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