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PREDICTIONS: Smackdown Women’s Title Match


Beside the groundbreaking Women’s MITB match we have a title match set between the champion Naomi taking on Lana. Our staff’s predictions are below :

Chris Riddle: Well, what do you say about this one?  It certainly is one of the most anticipated Women’s Championship matches in recent history, for no other reason than just to see what the hell actually ends up happening.  I’ve actually been a huge fan of how this match has been built, especially considering the feud has only been going on for two weeks. As much as I may not like to say it personally, I think we are in for a Jinder Mahal style situation and Lana walks away with the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and then I proceed to  walk away into a sabbatical.    WINNER: Lana

Jose: Hear me out, I’m predicting with my brain and not my heart. That being said, as much as I detest this option, I strongly believe Lana will find a way to win the Women’s Title on Sunday. THAT BEING SAID: I do not think she will walk into SmackDown on Tuesday with the championship. It’s a strong likelihood that the women’s ladder match will kickoff the PPV. Whoever wins the briefcase will likely cash in immediately if Lana is the victor, as she is clearly the lesser threat when compared to Naomi. What this means leading into Summer Slam? I’ve got no clue.    WINNER: Lana

Dave: Ok, if you listened to our latest podcast, you heard me talk about what a must see match this will be. It can only go one of two ways here. Either its a completely car wreck of a match or Lana surprises the world and shows us all something. The car wreck scenario is much more likely. While Naomi is a good wrestler,I am not sure she can carry Lana to something good here.That being said though, I can see doing the unthinkable and putting the title on Lana. Just picture the crowd when Jinder Mahal won the title and multiply that reaction tenfold. It’s crazy yet amazing to think about. So, I think Lana wins.    WINNER: Lana

Heel Dennis: Well look what we have here. Some prime television. I’m looking forward to this match for what are all the wrong reasons. I want to know how this one is gonna pull off And I wanna see how the fans react when WWE puts the belt on Lana. I don’t really know why this is happening, but hey, it’s something new, right?? I genuinely see Lana winning the belt here and as much as it pains me to say it, I think we’ve got a new champion rising on the blue brand.    WINNER: Lana

Scott: For some reason, and I really don’t understand it, Lana is apparently some kind of a golden child for the WWE team.  She was perfectly fine as a manager.  But with some really terrible promo work and zero reason to believe she will be able to win the belt, it only makes sense that she will do exactly that.  I’ve never been a big fan of Naomi, so I’m not going to be upset to see her lose the belt.  At least Lana is something different until the MITB winner cashes in her opportunity.    WINNER: Lana

Jason: I don’t care what anyone else says. For the good of humanity, Lana must lose. She has had one televised match ever, and that was over a year ago in a 5v5 match. Since then, she has had a half-dozen NXT house show matches. Vince McMahon is crazy and all, but this seems like a bridge too far. Can you imagine if Jinder Mahal AND Lana were the Smackdown champions? No. I refuse to accept this alternate reality of awful. With all of the work WWE has done to promote their women’s divisions, putting the belt on Lana would be a huge step backwards. Naomi is the only option.    WINNER: Naomi

Taylor: This one should be interesting.  I really like Naomi, but her start and stop title reign have made it difficult for the crowd to fully invest in her.  Now she heads into a title match with Lana, who is getting big reactions and seems to have the momentum in her favor.  Logic says that you would keep the belt on Naomi, who can give you good matches with just about anyone on the roster and can anchor the title for a while, but this is WWE.  I think they may be seeing the reactions that Lana is getting and try to capitalize on it while she’s still hot.  She may not be an excellent wrestler, but other title decisions all over WWE have shown that in-ring talent is of less importance than ever.  I smell a title change.    WINNER: Lana