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Possibility of WWE Introducing Women’s Tag Team Titles?


According to a report posted by WWE Hall of Famer Lita has been in Paris taking part in a Q&A session on a number of topics such as the possibility of women’s tag team titles in WWE.

When asked about WWE introducing a tag team belt for the women’s division she said:

“There have been talks of tag titles for the Women’s Division and I think that I love that they first introduced the MITB briefcase, that’s been a long time coming and that adds an element of surprise within the title picture. I would love to see these rumored tag titles appear sooner than later, but for that to happen, I hope they bring up these women that are already at NXT or some women they’ve seen on the Mae Young Classic and expand the roster.”

Would you like to see WWE introduce a women’s tag team championship?


  • Marshy

    Well they are going to need to have a tournament just like Mae Young Classic but in a tag team capacity. This is a prime example like Tessa Blanchard and Rachael Evers(Ellering) VS Mia Yim and Marti Belle.

  • Charlie

    I would love to see them introduce tag titles. For best results, they should either add it to NXT, or make it a title that both brands share. Because neither main roster is really that deep.