Plans for Daria on the main roster?

According to the Wrestling Observer there has been talk that Daria Berenato who is in developmental and is openly gay, will use that as part of her personality if and when she comes to the main roster.

The difference now and before is that before they marketed gay stereotypes usually with negative connotations, and now they can’t do that and the gay character will have to be a babyface for fear of insulting the LGBT community because WWE has a partnership with GLAAD.

GLAAD even spoke to the writing team and gave a tutorial on what words could and couldn’t be used.

  • Marshy

    She will be the first openly gay female wrestler to be on the main roster.

  • Woman

    That is absolutely stupid. Has nothing to do with her sexual orientation, but they barely ever aknowledge the sexuality of the other girls on the main roster. So why should the first ever openly gay girl portray a gay character just for the publicity, when her character could be way more beyond that?

  • Rhawk

    I mean it’s a publicity thing to do, mixed opinions throughout. Is it cool for people to know they have a woman in the WWE who is legititely part of the LGBT community? Sure. They have kind of done this with Darren Young. But like with him, they don’t full on make it a point to focus on that, at least not yet. And they would only do it, like I said, for publicity sake.
    When Daria does get called up, I don’t think it should be an issue. And I can see them using this in a distasteful way ala the ‘Piggie James’ storyline, or the whole Reid Flair fiasco.