Paige Out Of Women’s Royal Rumble Match

WWE  officially pulled Paige from the Women’s Royal Rumble Match during RAW last night.

While Paige had been quietly removed from the graphics for the pay per view the announcement was made official when it was announced on commentary, and later posted on that she would be unable to compete due to a neck injury.

While they didn’t go any farther explaining her injury, PWInsider has reported that she is unable to get cleared by a WWE doctor and won’t be continuing her in-ring career.

  • Marshy

    With so many superstars and some of their wives or family member suing the WWE that they have done the right thing by pulling Paige off the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match or else she will be confide to a wheelchair especially since she is still a lot younger than the wrestlers who are suing the WWE or have retired from the sport due to an injury or they are getting too old to wrestle or for some of the women who wants to stay at home and raise a family. That it is time to bring out the big guns by calling Kharma to be the special entrant in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match.