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Paige on Diva Tag Titles, Nickname for Team PCB, More


Tony Donofrio of PWTorch attended the Wizard World convention in Pittsburgh and in a recent column he discussed a few of WWE Diva Paige‘s answers at the Q&A session.

When asked which former pro wrestlers she’d have like to work, Paige talked about Lita, Molly Holly, and Bull Nakano being females she’d like to share the ring with.

Paige also stated that she is not a fan of having a Divas Tag Division or having Tag Titles because it would devalue the current Divas Title.

She also said that for some reason the backstage nickname given to Team PCB by Vince McMahon is “The Freak Show,” which she doesn’t really understand.

When prompted, Paige said that she does not hate the monicker “Diva” for the current name of the women’s division within WWE. She believes that any company can have a women’s division, but that the Divas division in WWE is a brand that stands out as the division that all women should want to be the champion of. However, she did state that she believes that the title being in the shape of a butterfly is something that needs to go the way of the do-do bird.