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One To Watch 2018 | Skylar

She’s only been wrestling for a little over a year, but after breaking through and completing her training at the Kevin Landry combine, she has broken into Blitzkrieg Pro, been a staple for Limitless Wrestler, and has regularly appeared at Women’s Wrestling Revolution. She may just be breaking into the independent waters, but has already been able to begin to make a name for herself across the board.

After starting off as an interviewer at Blitzkrieg Pro, Skylar broke into the ring as a surprise entrant in a women’s battle royal. From there, Skylar has been a regular at Blitzkrieg Pro including facing Mia Yim. Skylar has then broken into Limitless Wrestling, being on 6 separate cards, regularly teaming with Jeremy Leary and being featured in both inter gender and women’s matches in the promotion, making her one of the top talents in the company.

Skylar even got some bigger attention in WWR, where, although she has yet to pick up a victory, has put on incredible matches and being in the Tournament for Tomorrow on IPPV. Skylar has faced Willow Nightingale, Faye Jackson, Terra Calaway, and Jenny Rose, and Jordynne Grace who have mostly been regulars for WWR, showing that Skylar could be groomed to be a big name coming up in WWR.

Skylar also had a big showing at the ECWA Super 8 ChickFight tournament this year, being one of the eight participants selected for the prestigious tournament, defeating Kaitlin Diamond in the first round and then having an impressive showing in the second round falling just short to Deonna Purrazzo in the second round in what was a dream match of hers.

So why watch Skylar in 2018? Because 2017 is scratching the surface. She is beginning to make a name in the Northeast and is now just bound to break out and start going across the independent scene. She’s quick, she’s feisty and tough as hell, including when she has pulled her own tooth out of her mouth mid-match and finished. She’s also got a mean codebreaker from the top rope, and always finds a way to get the crowd behind her. She’s heading for big things, and it’s only time until she hops up into a big spot in the independent wrestling scene, and 2018 is the time for Skylar to take the ball and run with it.