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One To Watch 2018 | Faye Jackson

Faye Jackson made her wrestling debut in 2016  on the very-first ROH Women of Honor television special against former IMPACT Knockout ODB, fresh out of the ROH Dojo Faye was put on national TV for her debut and kicked ass.

in 2017 Faye expanded her horizons, getting opportunities to wrestling more and more. In BCW in New York she became the top female in the company, turning heads when she turned heel, attacking Willow Nightengale after she was the reason Faye and her lost a tag match – Faye’s very first loss in the company!

But where she really exploded was in NOVA Pro in Virginia. After moving to Maryland and finding not very much women’s wrestling in the state, I was told about NOVA by Dennis and he convinced me to go to a show. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and it really showed me just how amazing Faye Jackson really is.

Sadly, ROH just used her as one to take a fall in multi women matches or fade into the background. What a mistake that was because I have yet to see someone in women’s wrestling connect with the fans much like Faye Jackson does with the fans in NOVA. As soon as her theme hits – the crowd jumps to their feet within seconds, and with good reason to!

The feud between Faye Jackson and Veda Scott throughout 2017 has been a personal highlight of mine. Their interactions on social media, the promo work, the matches they’ve had are all just a prime example of what can happen when talent gets an opportunity. The culmination of their feud, the street fight that took place at Such Great Heights is one of my favorite matches of the year. Faye (and Veda) put everything they had in the ring and had the match of the night.

Faye has become one of my favorite wrestlers to watch this past year. Her work in NOVA is remarkable, her debut in WSU against Jordynne Grace proved how tough she is, and her debut at CWF showed how fun she is and how she can connect with a crowd.

2017 was just a taste of what Faye Jackson can do. With her now under the tutelage of Homicide and leaving ROH behind she can only continue to improve and show everyone why she’s one of the fastest rising female talents in wrestling.