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NXT Superstar Gets New Ring Name

It appears that an NXT Superstar has a new name. Kimberly Frankele, formerly known as Kimber Lee, recently changed her Twitter bio and handle reflecting a name change. She is now known as Abbey Laith. Laith last appeared on NXT competing under her real name, in a losing effort to Ruby Riot. How do you guys like Abbey Laith’s new name? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest in women’s wrestling right here at Squared Circle Sirens!

Source Twitter
  • Seems like kind of a weird name, but I’m still excited for her proper debut. Interested to see how they use her, she is one of the least typically WWE girls they have signed right now.

    • Guilherme Soares

      she’s kind having the fat girl gimmick that is friend of the model girl… they used that with Mandy and Billie and Peyton

      • Really? I don’t like that.

        • Guilherme Soares

          yes… basically like Dana Brooke ou Layla…

  • Alex Star

    Abbey is a diminutive form of Abigail..

    Sister Abigail.