NXT female returns to the ring

Last night at NXT Live in Citrus Springs, Florida Adrienne Reese known to fans as Athena on the independent scene made her return from injury against NXT Women’s Champion Asuka.

The former Athena was out with some sort of wrist injury that kept her in a cast for about a month.

Welcome back, Athena!

  • Lil Miss Queen Lady

    I NEED her to finally make her TV debut. She will RULE NXT.

  • Mojo Ozaki *Queen of Hell*

    Mega props to her, she’s tough as hell especially bouncing back better than ever after that shoulder injury a few years back. This probably sounds stupid but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even realize she’s been sidelined all this time and just assumed they were prolonging her debut and keeping her off events for the sole purpose of sheer shock and/or surprise or something when it happens, but I’m so happy she’s made a healthy recovery because she truly is going to be the next big thing, no doubt about it.