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Notes on upcoming movie about WWE’s Paige


According to the Wrestling Observer. here are a few notes about the upcoming move on WWE’s Paige inspired by the TV special on the Bevis family that aired a few years ago.

The storyline is that the Knight family are a broke, trailer park trash type of family from Norwich that run their own small wrestling company. The father, Ricky, played by Nick Frost, served time, but tried to turn his life around running a wrestling company, but it’s a money losing company and in the money they are constantly on the run from people they owe money to.

His wife, Julia (Sweet Saraya), is played by Lena Headey. In the movie they have two children, Zak (played by Jack Lowden) and Saraya (played by Florence Pugh). Roy Knight, the other brother who wrestles, doesn’t exist in the movie.

Also in the movie, even though the parents run a wrestling company, the kids aren’t wrestlers as apparently it would ruin a place they want to go. The kids want to be wrestlers in the WWE. The idea was that the two kids just bugged WWE officials so badly they were given a tryout.

The WWE signs Saraya and not Zak, which is how it happened.

In the movie Paige ends up in the U.S. knowing nothing, but a kindly coach, played by heavy hitter Vince Vaughn, takes her under his wing at NXT. The coach teaches her to set her mind to it after she wants to quit at first.

The film makes it look like Saraya is struggling in developmental when in actuality, she was a hit immediately.

The story culminates in Paige winning the title over AJ. Lee at WrestleMania in a pretty much exact duplicate of what happened, except when it happened in real life it was the RAW the day after Mania. Dwayne Johnson has some cameos as The Rock, showing up at the U.K. tryout and also giving her pointers before her title win