Nikki Storm to WWE?

According to the Wrestling Observer Nikki Storm of Scotland, who was part of the cast of season two of TNA British Boot Camp, is in the same boat at Kana and Athena, as she’s scheduled to go to Pittsburgh in October for her physicals to come to WWE.

We have reported previously on her tryouts with WWE this past year.

  • LaGentlemanAndy

    If this is true, it’s great news! Nikki hands down is a complete package.

  • kj

    Great news i’m ecstatic about my girl nikki storm getting signed, TNA dropped the ball again not signing nikki storm, like they did failing to with ivelisse, shana, kay lee ray & etc.

    • Marshy

      TNA has drop not only a bowling ball but an anvil on their heads not once but five times for not signing Nikki Storm, Ivelisse, Shana, Kay Lee Ray and etc., but they have sign Mia Yim and Marti Belle in the process.

  • Rhawk

    About time someone picked her up. Between the possible Kana/Kanna, Athena and now Nikki, they can easily full the gap that Becky, Charlotte & Sasha would leave.