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Nikki Storm signs with WWE, reporting soon


As reported many times over the past year Scottish female wrestler Nikki Storm has signed with WWE.

Storm finished up her independent bookings over the past weekend, losing a loser leaves ICW Match forever against Sammii Jayne where she had to be carried out by security after losing.

Nikki will report to the WWE Performance Center sometime this week to start her journey with the WWE.

Congratulations, Nikki!


  • Mojo Hokuto *Dangerous Queen*

    About damn time, and loved that she got to tour a bit in Japan with Stardom beforehand. She’s beautiful and grossly underrated, especially as a funny, charismatic heel, and I almost always enjoy watching her in the ring. She’s going to steal the hearts of Full Sail in the blink of an eye.

  • ssilva872

    I am really happy for her. Asuka just got another great contender for her belt!

    • Mojo Hokuto *Dangerous Queen*

      YES!! And to think they still have yet to debut Athena on screen leaves me restless, it’s such an awesome time to be a women’s wrestling fan 😀

      • ssilva872


        Athena needs to debut already!

        Idk why they are waiting so damn long..