Nikki Bella becomes longest reigning WWE Divas Champion

WWE Diva Nikki Bella has officially become the longest reigning divas champion after retaining her title after controversial fashion against Charlotte earlier tonight on Monday Night RAW.

Nikki Bella will have officially held the title for 296 days, a day longer than the previous record holder AJ Lee at midnight tonight.

While Charlotte may have won the match tonight, she rolled up Brie Bella instead of the champion Nikki Bella to win the contest which brought out Stephanie McMahon. McMahon said that she had to uphold the integrity of the division and told Charlotte that she cannot pin someone who is not even in the match, so she would not be walking out with the championship today.

However, Charlotte still has her shot at the Divas Championship this Sunday at Night of Champions. Stephanie made a new rule to the match, if Nikki loses in any way, Charlotte becomes the new Divas Champion.

Will Nikki Bella be able to hold on to the title at Night of Champions?


  • Marshy

    There is an easy way to solve this problem that the members of Team Bella and the members of PCB are barred from ringside, last night Charlotte has the victory if it weren’t for Brie Bella who “accidently” got pin by Charlotte, if they go by what I have mentioned that there won’t be any interference from any of two groups.

    • Feral Imp

      They should’ve just automatically added that to NOC instead of Stephanie coming out and running down the rules like we’re complete idiots.

      • Marshy

        Exactly and it was a waste of time for Stephanie to running down the rules like we can’t understand on how a wrestling match goes.