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New Tag Team debuting at SHINE 16


It looks as if we will see a brand new Tag Team debuting at SHINE Wrestling tomorrow night. Daffney posted the following message on her official Facebook page.

SO, here’s some breaking news for you guys. I know I missed SHINE last month, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been a busy little bee getting things done in the meantime.

As manager to the Stars (the All STAR Squad, that is) I am proud to announce that I have secured a match for my new TAG TEAM which will be debuting tomorrow night at SHINE 16! They will be taking on the S-N-S Express – but don’t you S-N-S ladies even try and under estimate this thing of beauty. THese two women have there act together and will watch each other’s back if any of you try ANY


SHINE Wrestling’s tag team division continues to grow. We can’t wait to see who Daffney brings to SHINE.