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NCW Femmes Fatales title match revealed


With no contender name NCW Femmes Fatales champion Mercedes Martinez created an open challenge to whoever wanted to face her for the title at the show on April 19th. However,the women chosen for this opportunity must never have received a NCW-FF title match in the past.

The first women to throw her name into the match was Leah Von Dutch. Von Dutch is definitely one of independent wrestling top female rising stars and she really believes she can be the next big thing. Now, we need to see what she’ll be able to do in that Championship Match!

One of the Quebec wrestling most talked about female star on the independent wrestling scene is the charismatic Midianne… And it’s easy to witness why in the video she just sent femmes Fatales where she’s confirming that she’s the next wrestler to accept Mercedes Martinez’s Open Challenge for the NCW Femmes Fatales International Championship on April 19th. We all know that Midianne have already beaten Leah Von Dutch in the past, but will she be able to cause the biggest upset of her career and win the championship? The answer will be known on April 19th!

The last female to throw her name into the match is none other than Missy. Missy is still relatively new to the business but on April 19th she has her biggest challenge to date in her wrestling career.

Will one of the three up and comers be able to do the impossible by becoming the champion on April 19th?