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NAWA’s Queen of the Underground on August 11th

North American Wrestling Alliance or NAWA Pro Wrestling for short, is hosting an open tournament in Dallas, Texas on August 11th. The promotion has announced such names as Sexy Dulce (Sexy Star), Thunder Rosa, Christi Jaynes and even more names from the local independent scene in Texas like Baby D, Paige Turner, and Machiko. Reality of Wrestling (Booker T’s promotion in Houston) Kylie Rae and Miranda Salinas will also be apart of the “Queen of the Underground show at Sue Ellen’s. Salinas is currently a competitor in the Mae Young Classic. Simply Luscious is one of the last names announced and is the most experienced competitor in this tournament, breaking into the business in 2000. Luscious was trained by Dory Funk Jr, Rudy Boy Gonzales, and Shawn Michaels and back in 2003, she worked two matches for TNA and is a former WEW Champion and WEW Tag Team Champion.