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Natalya Neidhart talks Mae Young Classic, SummerSlam


With SummerSlam, WWE’s biggest event of the summer, just days away Natalya Neidhart took to her weekly column in The Calgary Sun discussing the event this Sunday where she’ll face Naomi for the SmackDown Women;s Championship, and the Mae Young Classic.

On SummerSlam:

“First off, it is a dream come true for me to be able to compete at SummerSlam in the SmackDown Women’s Championship match against the current champion, Naomi. Getting ready to perform in front of 15,000 rowdy fans in New York City means I’ve got my work cut out for me. I can’t wait for us to steal the show and also can’t wait to become the new Smackdown women’s champion! “

On The Mae Young Classic:

“The women competing in the Mae Young Classic came from across the globe and represent every shape, size, and walk of life. The competitors include Mia Yim, Piper Niven, Tessa Blanchard, Shayna Baszler, Rachel Evers, Santana Garrett, Kairi Sane, Taynara Conti, Nicole Savoy, Lacey Evans and Bianca Blair — just to name a few. I was so excited after watching Piper Niven square off against Santana Garrett because not only did they put on an awesome match, but Piper Niven isn’t your average girl. Her skills, personality, and looks inside the ring make her a larger-than-life character. She reminded me that it is so very important to color outside of the lines, to be different and to have confidence. Piper undoubtedly impressed me perhaps the most by how graceful she was in the ring and how engaged she was with the audience. Piper is a star. I watched seasoned MMA veteran Shayna Baszler test her skills in her first-round match. With every suplex, forearm, and submission that was exchanged during the match, it made me want to be a better performer. I was in awe of so many of the performers. By the time some of the matches were done, I felt a surge of emotions that made me just want to jump in the ring. I wanted to teach them what I’ve learned over the course of 15 years, but I also wanted them to teach me. I felt as hungry as I’d ever been to learn more. In my last conversation with Mae Young before she passed away, she told me she wanted to keep performing until she was 100 because it made her feel alive. The women competing in the Mae Young Classic are reminders to me that we should never stop learning and that confidence and believing in yourself are the secrets of succeeding in life.”

You can watch the Mae Young Classic on WWE Network beginning Aug. 28, with a ‘Bracketology’ special scheduled to air right after SummerSlam this Sunday.

You can read her full column here.