Naomi returning to Total Divas?

Along with Lana and Renee Young filming for Total Divas WWE Diva Naomi has also been filming for the show during this week in Dallas, Texas.

Naomi was telling fans at Axxess that her Axxess signing was being filmed for the show.

Naomi was apart of the original cast and was a member of the show until the most recent season.

Would you enjoy her returning to the series?

  • Anti-Social Kidd

    It’s evident taking her off the show was one cause of ratings to plummet. She and Jon/Jimmy were some of the most entertaining aspects of it and often the highlight of episodes both centered and merely featuring them with Trinity’s laid-back and down-to-earth nature and Jon’s constant cracks.

    • Thou

      Yup best part of the show. When they took her off I was done with the show.

    • Storm Saywell

      Agree with you! However, Naomi was boring in Season 4, whether it was the situation, the season or her herself, I was kind of relieved she was taking off. Although, I think ratings would rise again if her and Jimmy are back for good and have funny moments.