Naomi injury update

As announced on SmackDown Live last night newly crowned WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi suffered a slight knee injury in her match at Elimination Chamber against Alexa Bliss.

While she suffered a real injury it isn’t anything serious that will force her to miss much time in the ring which is why WWE has plans for her to face Alexa Bliss in a rematch for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Title on SmackDown soon.

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  • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

    Naomi’s luck makes me mad, she deserves the title but such short reigns kills the title’s credibility. Have her out till 2 weeks before Mania. On the 1st make her return and cut a promo and on the 2nd have her pin Alexa and give them a match then its whatever WWE feels like. Alexa migh not be the best chambion and still green but if they feel like Naomi might injure again they better let Alexa keep the title.