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MJ Jenkins receives a WWE tryout


Northeast independent wrestler MJ Jenkins received a WWE tryout today at the Arnold Classic in Ohio.

MJ Jenkins began pursuing her career in wrestling in May 2010 at “Johnny Rodz” World of Unpredictable Wrestling Club.

She recently had a tryout with EVOLVE wrestling.

On instagram she posted a photo with NXT’s Asuka.

  • Marshy

    Since her name is MJ that either the WWE will probably have her be like the basketball player or be like the Pop Star way before the allegations of a scandal or she can be herself.

  • Queendom

    I’m not one of those fitness model downers, but I gotta say it’s always a plus when someone trained from the circuit gets an opportunity. I saw a few clips of her on instagram and she seems to be a natural possessing lots of personality. I’d definitely keep my eye on her.