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Mercedes Martinez returns to the ring

Last night at New Horizon Pro Wrestling in Perth, Australia Mercedes Martinez returned to the ring and defeated Saraya Knight in a 2016 Global Conflict Tournament match.

This is the first time since 2014 that Mercedes Martinez has appeared inside a wrestling ring. The last time she was inside the squared circle was when she lost the nCw Femmes Fatales Championship to Courtney Rush at Femmes Fatales XV in a four way elimination match.

It’s unknown if this is a full time return for Mercedes or just a weekend appearance for the company.

  • Number One

    Wow!!! What a shock! I’m still wondering where she has been in the last two years!

    • Jose

      Prazak said in an interview about 2 months back that Mercedes was simply taking a sabbatical because her shoulder problems flared up again and that she was going to test the waters to see if she could make a return without injuring herself.

      • Rob McCabe

        I think she’s planning to return, you don’t get new ring gear made if you aren’t serious about returning. Hopefully sometime this year she’ll make her US return for the first time since April 2014.

    • Ozzy

      Same here! Haven’t heard from her in a LONG time 🙁