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Melina Perez wrestles at STARDOM

In a shocking turn of events former WWE Diva Melina Perez who was advertised to referee the main event competed at STARDOM’s first U.S show tonight in California.

Melina teamed with Santana Garret to defeat the team of Hudson Envy and Thunder Rosa. This marks Melina’s first official match since 2012 where she teamed with Davey Richards to wrestle against Velvet Sky and Xix Xavant.

Melina has slowly been returning to wrestling in recent months, joining the promotion Lucha Underground as her boyfriend Johnny Mundo’s manager on the show’s season finale and even refereeing a title match at a recent MCW event.

  • I love Melina(Yiorgos/Γιώργος)


    • Number One

      Wow! I couldn’t believe it! Even when I read it! The Queen returned to the ring, and I’m hoping that video of this is up on YouTube SOON!!!! However, there’s one thing that should have happened: Melina should have turned heel and attacked Santana, so she could go after Santana’s title and WIN IT!!!

  • Angel Hdz

    Queen Melina!

  • Kalkofen

    Can’t get rid of that “itch” and boy am I glad lol. It’s great she was able to work with Stardom, I don’t know if this means or will lead to her becoming a full in-ring competitor again (and don’t know if she’s been training again recently) but it’d be awesome to see her affiliated with them again regardless if it’s running the ropes. Such an all-around talented performer.