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Melina Perez injury update

After having the medics tend to her after a tag team match at Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s ‘All Hail The Queen’ show earlier today it looked as if Melina Perez injured her knee.

Perez hit a crossbody off the top rope and was quickly pinned, ending the match. She was rushed out of the ring by staff and an ambulance was called.

Sources are telling us that Melina disclocated her kneecap and will recover fully within 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Joe Mendiola

    Melina’s recovery time is EXPECTED to be 6-8 weeks but is likely still in limbo. Due to the injury, they probably couldn’t give her knee a full checkup right now. It’s common procedure to have a MRI done a few weeks after a kneecap dislocation. Right now, her knee is likely immobilized by some sort of cast or brace. If there’s ligament damage that reveals itself once swelling goes down, her time off could be much longer & require surgery.