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Meagan Simone receives a WWE tryout


Congratulations to Meagan “Aliya” Simone who is one of the female names who got a tryout this weekend with WWE.

The 23 year old Orlando, Florida native just started training to wrestle after being a long time fan and attending NXT Live events.

She sent in a Tough Enough video, but did not make the top 40 cut.

  • Marshy

    It seems to me that the WWE are building an empire of Divas, cause when it comes to their tryouts that there will always be more women at these tryouts. Meagan “Aliya” Simone looks like Ariane/Cameron.

  • alexl467

    Squared Circle Sirens,

    Can you all please tell me if one or both of the following unsuccessful TE 2015 audition / boot camp participants are going to attend this weekend’s tryouts, and also what’s the health status of the former?

    1) Shotzi Blackheart (aka Ashley Urbanski)
    2) Sara Bettencourt


  • Sylvia Amis-Faris UserOfTheYea

    She looks a bit like Sasha

    • BAE might be “BI”-polar;)

      She’s another who did a TE tryout video like Nes but didn’t make the cut for the top 40, but I guess management liked them enough to attend a tryout.

    • Marshy

      I give you that too. She could be like the wrestling version of Nicki Minaj.