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Mayu Iwatani will defend the Wonder of STARDOM Championship against Viper & more matches announced

World Wonder Ring STARDOM

World Wonder Ring STARDOM held one of the per usual press conferences this morning to announce the official cards for their July 16th and 23rd shows in Tokyo and Osaka. It was reported here yesterday that Shanna had issued a challenge for Kris Wolf‘s title during Sunday’s show at Shinkiba 1st RING. The match has been made official.

Also announced for the Korakuen Hall event, is the debuts of Xia Brookside and Mary Apache and Shiki Shibusawa. Brookside and Apache will team up with Gabby Ortiz to take on Hiromi Mimura, Konami and Starlight Kid in trios action. It will be Apache’s first time wrestling in Japan in three years. She last competed for Pro Wrestling WAVE back in December of 2014, working multiple tag matches. Shibusawa’s first match will be a singles match against Natsuko Tora.

On to this month’s big show – The Osaka Edion Arena and it’s attendees will bear witness to Jungle Kyona and HZK facing off in singles competition just days after challenging Kagetsu and Hana Kimura for the titles. Hiromi Mimura will be taking on AZM and Mayu Iwatani will have her second title defense within a week after going up against Yoko Bito. She defends the Wonder of STARDOM Championship against Viper in her return to the promotion.

It was also announced that Michiko Ohmukai would be coming out of retirement for a one-time appearance on July 23rd, as she wrestles alongside Konami and Yoko Bito and to take on Oedo Tai.

For those not familiar with Ohmukai, she began her career with FMW back in 1993 and went on to work for promotions such as Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling (LLPW-X), Wrestle Association-R, a promotion founded and run by Genichiro Tenryu, Jd’ Star and ARSION where she became a two-time Twin Stars of ARSION Champion among other promotions. She even managed to work a New Japan show and be a part of a ten-woman tag team match back in 2002, making it one of the few times the company has included women on its card. She retired from the sport after wrestling for fifteen years in December of 2007. The now- mother of two will be stepping foot back in the ring for what could be a one shot deal turned into a career resurgence elsewhere.

Yoko Bito and Konami will be wrestling at the Japan Expo in France on July 6-9th.

July 16th: Korakuen Hall (Tokyo, Japan):

AZM vs Ruaka

Shiki Shibusawa vs Natsuko Tora

Goddesses of STARDOM Championship: Kagetsu(c) & Hana Kimura(c) vs HZK & Jungle Kyona

High Speed Championship: Shanna vs Kris Wolf(c)

Konami, Hiromi Mimura & Starlight Kid vs Mary Apache, Xia Brookside & Gabby Ortiz

World of STARDOM Championship: Mayu Iwatani(c) vs Yoko Bito


July 23rd: Osaka Edion Arena (Osaka, Japan):

Gabby Ortiz & Xia Brookside vs Kaori Yoneyama & Natsuko Tora

Hiromi Mimura vs AZM

Starlight Kid & Shiki Shibusawa vs Ruaka & Hanan

Mary Apache vs Shanna

Michiko Ohmukai, Yoko Bito & Konami vs Kagetsu, Hana Kimura & Kris Wolf

Wonder of STARDOM Championship: Mayu Iwatani(c) vs Viper